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The Palio races of Siena. Pride. Passion. Bribery. These are no gentlemans' races.

The Palio races of Siena. Two of them. One in July and one in August. Magnificent spectacles of Italian tradition. Oodles of it. But. If you thought that the Palio di Siena was about pomp and pageant, you would be very mistaken. Very mistaken.

For these horse races. Bareback and corrupt. In one of the world's most beautiful piazza's. Are the lifeblood of the city. Machiavellian blood that runs 600 years thick and deep.

The Palio races of Siena: the Curva del Casato.The Curva del Casato corner.

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No ordinary Tuscany house for sale

Tuscany house for sale.

This Tuscany house for sale in picturesque Santa Fiora, Maremma is no ordinary house. You know it immediately when you open the driveway gate and catch sight of its thick stone walls.

Its lush green garden, the sweet sound of rushing water and heady scents from roses, jasmine and lavender, will distract you for a while from the biggest clue. If you spotted it that is.

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An Alberese farmhouse for lovers of the little things in life

Maremma Natural Park fox and Maremmano cattle

Book a stay with Paola at her old farmhouse in the Parco Regionale della Maremma IF...

If you already know how very special the Maremma Natural Park is and you want to be there. Right there.

You could put up with and suffer some incredible sunsets and atmosphere whilst sipping your evening aperitivos. In the farmhouse garden. And just down the lane, in a fortressed town along one of the most beautiful parts of Italy's coast. Somebody's got to do it! ;)

If during the day, seeing herons, coypu, splashing fish, turtles, long-horned cattle, horses, foxes and a brilliance of butterflies would make your little ones squeal with delight and light you up inside too.

And at nightfall watching birds of prey alight on fence posts, and hares, foxes, deer, wild boar and, perhaps, a porcupine, nonchalantly stroll into the farm below your bedroom window, would fill you with tales to tell for years to come.

Carelessly counting a million twinkling stars in a pitch-black sky wouldn't leave you bored. Nor waking to the sound of birdsong annoy you.

If you dream of a beach holiday. On a wild beach. And of tiny tucked-away coves.


Agriturismo Alberese: the driveway to Tenuta La Valentina Nuova lined with old pine trees.

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Sleep in an ancient monastery chapel with a heavenly view

Maremma holiday cottage with wisteria covered terrace and infinity swimming pool.

Margherita's holiday cottages near the coast in Maremma are a piece of heaven away from the mainstream. Pockets of pure peace in an unforgettable setting.

And there is one in particular that I adore. A 13th century stone-built monastery chapel in her garden, covered in wisteria. With a breathtaking view. And an infinity pool.

Tuscany cottages with pool.

If you are lucky and he likes the look of you, you'll get to meet shy Silvestro, her cat. And possibly Nina too!

Tuscany cat Silvestro.

Tuscany horse saying hello in the farmhouse kitchen doorway.

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The Pieve di San Giovanni chapel in Campiglia Marittima

Cross embeded in stone table inside the Pieve di San Giovanni.

It's not my normal kind of thing to recommend that you visit a church and its graveyard in Maremma. That isn't to say that there aren't lots of lovely village churches or cathedrals for that matter to visit here, for there are. It is just that there are so many other wonderful things to do and see in Maremma and visiting churches is a bit of a particular hobby or pastime kind of thing.

So why visit this one? Well, because of its Knights Templar mystery. Because it is one of the most important "pieve" that have survived in Maremma. Because it was built by a sinner and declared as such in Romanesque lettering on its walls! And because it has two intriguing faces that look down upon you as you wander around!

And if they aren't enough reasons to visit, I don't know what are!

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The Infiorata di Pitigliano flower festival 2017

Pitigliano flower festival.

The Infiorata di Pitigliano flower festival is one of those things in life that you shouldn't hesitate to drive miles and miles to see. Because. If ever there was a setting in which to gaze upon roads carpeted in fresh flowers, it is this one. The stunning, take your breath away, Pitigliano in Tuscany.

Infiorata di Pitigliano flower festival 2017.

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The annual calendar of events in Maremma: blissful days out in Tuscany

Palios in Tuscany Italy: the Palio dei Ciuchi at Campagnatico in Maremma.

All the events in Maremma Tuscany throughout the year. From slaying dragons to medieval crossbow competitions, palio races, flower festivals, concerts, opera, art, and treasure hunts. There is never a dull or boring day in this part of Italy!

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Maremma Apartments Tuscany Italy: simply the best

Maremma apartments that will set your imagination alight before you even arrive in Tuscany.

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Seventh heaven boutique apartments in tucked-away Tuscany

Boutique apartments Tuscany, in Maremma Italy.


Boutique apartments in undiscovered Tuscany. In a late middle ages into early Renaissance "palazzo". But on the inside, pure, understated, Italian style. Tucked away in a heaven of a location on a silent, castled hill top, in Maremma Tuscany. With a view. Oh what a view.

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The sea view in Maremma Tuscany in May

The view from Castiglione della Pescaia that makes you feel good to be alive... CLICK the WHEEL and watch in HD

Tremendous tours in Tuscany!

Ptigliano tour in Tuscany.

These Maremma tours won't just take you to special places in Tuscany, but around, over and under wild and wonderful places in Maremma in Tuscany!

They are Tuscany tours like no others: for those who don't want to follow a flag or an umbrella stuck in the air behind fifty other people!

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Insects in Italy: everything you need to know to stop worrying

Insects in Italy: th egood, the bad and the ugly!


Worried a bit about poisonous insects in Italy and the hairy eight-legged ones? Don't be. A lovely lady and her beetle, bug and butterfly friends are the most scary things you are likely to see :)

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Excursions in Tuscany - day trips like no others!

Tuscany excursions: medieval silver mine tour in Maremma Tuscany

Excursions in Tuscany like no others! If you are looking for a typical picture postcard tour of Tuscany or a wine tasting tour, then you'll have to skip to the bottom of this page.

Because these, instead, are day trips in Tuscany, in "la Maremma", with more than a touch of adventure. And are nothing like any guided tours you have found so far. They will have you on your bottom down a medieval silver mine, deep inside a wooded hillside home to boar and porcupines.

And on a dune buggy. On a Tuscany sightseeing tour that will take into the heart of Siena tasting wine. And along the sands of some of the most beautiful beaches in Italy.

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Your definitive guide to Italian wine labels

Italian wine definitions - the definitive guide. Every term or adjective that you are likely to come across whilst reading Italian wine labels or on a wine tasting tour.

91 of them all on one page.

If you are planning a wine tasting trip around an Italian winery or vineyard. Or two. Or three. Or even just popping down the road to your local wine merchants. Print this page and take it with you. You won't ever be flummoxed again :)

Wine definitions

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The perfect pottery holiday in Tuscany: a ceramics Masterclass

Pottery holiday Tuscany.

The practice makes perfect pottery holiday in Tuscany. Take your ceramic skills to another level in an incredible setting.

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