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The colour of winter in my part of Tuscany is ORANGE

Grey, yes that too some days, and brilliant bright blue skies. But overridingly orange.

My local COOP supermarket bursting with Sicilian oranges in a very colourful Ape!

Shopping in Tuscany Italy


Winter sunset over the atmospheric Torre degli Appiani tower on the Isolotto dello Sparviero at Punta Ala.

Orange sunset at Punta Ala Maremma in winter


Marigolds growing wild in the tiny borgo of Tepolini near Castel del Piano in Monte Amiata country.

Wild marigolds growing in Tepolini Castel del Piano Maremma


Sunset over the Isla d'Elba taken on a beautiful wild beach in the Parco Costiero della Sterpaia.

Sunset over the Isola d'Elba in winter



The New Additions...


Vitozza Tuscany Italy: the lost cliff dwelling city

Vitozza, the honeycomb cave city hidden in the woods. One of the world's rare and ancient cliff dwellings. Take your children on an adventure like no other in Maremma Tuscany.

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Best Tuscany hotel deals 2017

EASY SAVINGS! How to find the best Tuscany Italy hotel deals & B&B apartment farmhouse and villa special offers.

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Wishing you a wonderful 2017

Montelaterone is Maremma's Watership Down

Medieval Montelaterone near Arcidosso is a labyrinthine hill top village that will lead you in circles of an afternoon. Set off a game of hide and seek with your kids and you may not see them for hours, but they will you!

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Tuscany town house for sale in Maremma

A Tuscany town house for sale waiting for those in need of some magic in their lives. The dragons may be gone but the enchanting mountain remains. Watch the moon light-up its peak, race to open your windows in the morning, and breathe.

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Forte Stella in Porto Ercole

Forte Stella, the stunning star-shaped Spanish fortress in Porto Ercole. Built for one reason. And one reason only. To give you two days to prepare or run. Before they came to enslave you.

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December in Tuscany - Romance on a shoestring

December in Tuscany. Warm days and soft sunsets with flat seas rolling onto shore like molten silver. And I'm not kidding you. Stood on Torre Mozza beach last night in the Gulfo di Follonica looking out over to the beautiful island of Elba, the first words that entered my head were, molten silver. And I have melted silver in my life and watched it roll into a cast or two... If you are looking for a winter weekend getaway with the love of your life, it doesn't get much more special and romantic than my part of Tuscany; la Maremma. And prices are rock bottom too ;)

Poisonous spiders in Italy

Wolf spiders in ItalyPhoto by Danyel Maus
Having written a while ago about poisonous spiders here in Italy and reassured you that there were only two. That you didn't need to worry about them. And that, in more than a decade of living here in Maremma Tuscany no one has ever spoken about them, let alone warned me to check my sheets! Roberts, who lives along the border of Maremma with Siena got in touch to tell me her husbands story of an encounter with a Brown Recluse spider.

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House for Sale in Tuscany, built of stone in Maremma

This house for sale in Tuscany is like an unruly teenager. Full of incredible potential. Already showing some, but hiding it. Wearing a fashion that doesn't fit. She knows it, but struggles on nevertheless. Yet on some days, quirks aside, oh on some days, when the going is easy, she blooms. And is a sight for sore eyes.

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Sorano Festa delle Cantine: an underground world not to be missed

Sorano's Festa delle Cantine: will you go down dark dank throats to reach the wine in the cellars deep beneath this stunning ancient city?

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The spooky insediamento rupestre di San Rocco at Sorano Tuscany

The insediamento rupestre di San Rocco: an ancient rock settlement of early humans, Etruscans and medieval man, that will give you the spooks.

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Mostra La Rocca Roccatederighi: Things to See in Maremma

Roccatederighi's Mostra La Rocca is a magical thing to do with children in Tuscany in summer. When a sculpture gives mum the heebie-jeebies but not a ten year old and there is a sword stuck in a rock just waiting to be pulled out by a knight or damsel, you know you have found a great place for a day out in Tuscany this summer and it is in Maremma. Of course!

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Pieve di Santa Maria ad Lamulas: not all churches in Tuscany are the same

The Pieve di Santa Maria ad Lamulas church at Montelaterone. Oh, how appearances can be deceptive. Walk inside it's doors and start a treasure hunt that will fill your head with mysteries. Kids, this one isn't boring! But don't drink the Little Devil's water!

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Sweet Spot Suvereto Tuscany

Suvereto Tuscany is a pocket of treasures. Visit on a day when you want to chill out big time.

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