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How this website is funded

The Maremma Guide website is my personal creation and a passion of mine. The commissions that I receive from advertisers, affiliate partners and sponsors fund my time and the costs of maintaining and building this website, enabling me to continue to research and write about this special place called la Maremma in which I have made my home.

Two Important Notes

You are not charged a fee for clicking on any of the advertisements or sponsor links, or, indeed, any additional fee for a product or service that you subsequently choose to purchase or sign-up for. In fact, you may pay less as the companies that I have specifically selected to partner with often provide me with links to special offers or discount promotions only available to their affiliate partner websites.

The inclusion of these advertisements and my affiliate relationships with the companies listed below have no influence on what I choose to write about or the words that I use: I retain complete control over the content of my website.


Google Adverts

Many of the pages within the Maremma Guide show Google advertisements. If a visitor to my site clicks on a Google advertisement, then I earn a small commission. selects the ads that display on each page and they change from day to day and hour to hour. What you see will also depend on from which location in the world you have arrived on one of my pages, and your browsing history. I don't see what you see when I open one of my pages!


The Maremma Guide affiliate partners

These are the organisations that I have partnered with to bring you the best in special offers, prices, services and products related to the content of my pages. If you visit one of their websites via a link in a page in The Maremma Guide and purchase a product or use their services, The Maremma Guide may receive a small commission.

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Advertising in The Maremma Guide

If you are interested in advertising in The Maremma Guide, please visit this Advertise in The Maremma Guide information page and then contact me to discuss your needs.


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