Camping in Maremma

Camping Maremma Italy in CapalbioMaremma camping my kind of style in Capalbio... see below

It will take a lot to beat the experience of camping in Maremma, with campsites located within stunning landscapes and along the spectacular coastline of wild and undiscovered Tuscany and Lazio. Which is why camping here is such a popular choice amongst Italians in the know about this very special and as yet relatively undiscovered part of Italy who return weekend after weekend from May through to September and summer after summer holiday.

And Maremma's campsites cater for everyone's preferred way of camping: from small family sites, to larger summer village complexes with mulitple swimming pools, restaurants and outdoor bars. From tent pitches, caravan and camper plots, to self-catering wooden bungalows, chalets and mobile homes.

And, my very favourite and new this year, already assembled lodge tent accommodation on wooden decking with a terrace no less within the sand dunes of a beach. And they have lovely ensuite bathrooms. My kind of camping :) A piece of heaven for those who love sleeping out under the stars, but don't want to be fussed with erecting a tent!

If you are sat at your computer now planning your camping holidays in Italy for this or next year and happen to have come across this page, then take a look at Maremma. It is a beautiful and unspoilt land that all who are born here talk about with passion and which starts a love affair in many who visit. You will not be disappointed.


Camping in the Maremma National Park
- in the Parco Regionale della Maremma

Maremma National Park: the Parco Regionale della Maremma Tuscany Italy

Not surprisingly because it is Maremma's most well known nature park, I get a lot of visitors looking for information on campsites and camping facilities inside the park or along its beaches, especially the most well known and beautiful Marina di Alberese. But I have to tell you that there are no campsites within the park and camping is not allowed.

The nearest campsite and the best for easy access - just a few minutes - into the park, is the Talamone Camping Village. It is a large complex, with tent pitches, self-catering bungalows and caravan and camper areas, and is only a few feet from Talamone's longest stretch of beach, the "spiaggia della Fertilia", where it also has its own private beach area.


The Maremma Campsites - "Campeggi in Maremma"

Campsites in Italy: Italian campsites in Maremma in Tuscany and Lazio

There are over fifty campsites in Maremma, most of which are located within a few hundred metres of her gorgeous beaches. Browse them below by location - first within Tuscany and then in Lazio - or by those that are situated within the shade of the pine woods - "le pinete" - or Mediterranean shrub right on one of those beaches.

The Tuscany Campsites - "Campeggi Toscana"


BOOK a Maremma campsite NOW with guaranteed lowest rates with the possibility to cancel at no charge.

NB. The search page that the link takes you to is entitled Hotels, but when you do a search you can then filter the results by campsite, with wi-fi, swimming pools etc.


A touch of luxury under the stars...

And now for that heavenly tent accommodation on a beach I mentioned that will have you dreaming you are on a luxury safari!

Camping Capalbio Maremma Italy

I have never been a camping kind of girl, but when I met my Italian husband that is what he introduced me to and I have to say that it wasn't that bad an experience. But the biggest down side for me that I never stopped hankering over and which would have made the whole thing fabulous, was I have to have my own bathroom... Plus, putting up a tent in scorching heat was never the fun bit. But now the guys and gals at Capalbio camping have solved the problem, and in such style too. Bravo!

Their new 2013 lodge accommodation is a dream come true for me. The lodges even have wi-fi... I'm dreaming of writing this web page in one next summer :)

Luxury on a budget...

Out of the summer season in October when temeratures here still are still as warm as an English summer (in the mid twenty degrees C) and the sea is lovely and warm for a swim, prices start at €38 per day for a lodge. Luxury accommodation like no other on a budget... Il Campeggio di Capalbio.


Maremma Campsites on the beach

If you fancy waking up and dipping your toes in the waters of the baby blue and turquoise waters of Ligurian and Tyrrhenian seas whilst sipping your morning coffee, or drinking your aperitivo after dinner watching one of Maremma's ocean sunsets, then this campsites on the beach link will take you to all of those in Maremma that are just that... happy holidays!


Camping on the beach

Camping at the beach at Puntone di Scarlino beach in Maremma, Tuscany Italy

A few words of advice about camping on the beach in Maremma if you are considering doing so but not in a campsite: it could save you a lot of money!


Family Camping

The campsites in Maremma in which I have pitched my tent and those where I have visited friends are very family oriented. Indeed camping in Italy is very much a family affair with often three generations of a family holidaying together in one large pitch - the same one they reserve every year - with friends and family similarly nearby or visiting during the weekends. All set-up from the beginning of May onwards for the weekends, with the grandparents and grandchildren permanently established from June when the schools close, and then for some serious rest and relaxation for the whole family together throughout the whole of August for the Italian annual "ferie" holiday.


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