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Maremma Italy: the Tuscany you don't expect.

Maremma, Italy is off the beaten path Tuscany, crammed full of beautiful, hidden places to explore. It's extraordinary.

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Animals in Italy: the dangerous, and not so

Animals in Italy: including the creepy crawly and rarely dangerous wildlife in Tuscany Italy.

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Bats in Tuscany: why you will be glad to see them

Are there bats in Tuscany? Yes, there are.

And, although you may doubt me, you will be happy to see them. If you are lucky enough to do so that is.

But why?

Bats in Tuscany Italy

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Visiting Tuscany with children? Fun and strange animal facts for kids

Wild boar facts.

These fun and sometimes strange animal facts for kids are all about the wild animals that can be found in a very special and undiscovered part of Tuscany Italy, called Maremma.

They are the kind that led to endless excited conversations as we drove home of an evening having spotted one or more of the creatures mentioned below. For, for the most part, these animals are the ones that like to come out as the afternoon is setting and dusk is falling.

And made for the kind of end of a day after a trip to the beach or just the supermarket, that money cannot buy.

I hope that they add to your children's joy and excitement too.

A word of warning though, some of these facts may make you - I'm convinced they won't your children though - cringe!

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Are there scorpions in Tuscany?

Scorpions in Italy.Photo by Thieryp. License.


Are there scorpions in Italy? In Tuscany? Yes, there are. But those "gli scorpioni" - aren't something that you need to be overtly conscious of avoiding. So don't panic! They would rather not see you!

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How to say Merry Christmas in Italian

Merry Christmas in Italian


How to say Merry Christmas in Italian and a Happy New Year. Together with all the other Italian Christmas phrases you need to know to see you through the festive season and into New Year's day.

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Federico Gemma "Punta di Corna" watercolour exhibition

Make a special trip for this if you can. The stunning light-filled watercolours of Federico Gemma on show over the summer here in Maremma. In the old olive mill that is now the Parco Regionale della Maremma visitor centre in the village of Alberese.

I LOVED his Maremmano cattle.

Federico Gemma.

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Ambrogio Lorenzetti in Maremma

Ambrogio Lorenzetti: an awe-inspiring 14th century storyteller in Maremma Tuscany.

Religious art isn't everyone's cup of tea nor a motive for many to make a special trip, I know. But the paintings of this Renaissance artist will have you staring, over and over again. Discovering detail after detail amongst the opulent shimmer of silver and gold. Details that together tell the story he wanted inquisitive eyes to know.

Ambrogio Lorenzetti in Maremma art: lions on gold.

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I went back and found the thrice-coiled exorcism snake!

9th century church Pagan stone carvings in Tuscany: the snake and three crossed belts.

I went back and found the three-coiled snake: the triple exorcism that had evaded me on my first visit. And the Egyptian basket.

But the face. The knight. The small dog. The secret cross. And the pretty little hare. All chose to remain hidden from sight.

The treasure hunt continues. In no ordinary place. We are talking about 9th century pagan symbolism - enough to make any adoring historian come out in hives at the sight of it all. And Knights Templar secrets.

All on top of Devil water.

Will your eyes follow the stone steps to heaven. Or be caught by a glint that leads, true Indiana Jones style, underground. To the as yet undiscovered entrance to the hidden crypt? And the secret tunnel?

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Lonely Tuscany castle tower seeks her Mr Darcy

Tuscany castle tower for sale.


A robust medieval Tuscany tower for sale seeks her Mr Darcy.

Whilst no spring chicken, she has looked after herself and still strikes a 'bella figura' in town. Now looking for her next partner in life. But she wants one who won't want to change her. Who will love her just the way she is.

Stubborness and all.

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