Maremma Treasures

the less trodden path in Tuscany is extraordinary

The next edition of the Maremma Treasures newsletter goes out very soon.

If you love exploring places off the radar map and love Tuscany, don't miss it!

Once/twice a month I'll show you places that you never knew existed.

Sorano Tuscany Italy



Count me in!


Secret Tuscany beaches: Buca delle Fate


I'll drop straight into your email inbox the latest treasures that I have found in this extraordinary undiscovered part of Tuscany. My home.

  • Medieval hamlets where only the odd glimpse of a telephone cable could convince you that you haven't been transported back into the middle ages.
  • a gorgeous beach with little fish in the crystal clear shallows and wild boar in the pine tree forest behind...

  • hidden castles, crypts and silver mines.
  • a simple Maremman recipe that leaves you both wanting more and with a deeper understanding that seasonal foods simply prepared are what eating well is all about.
  • a bottle of Maremman wine that isn't yet famous, but, ooohhh, it should be.
  • special places to stay.
  • photographs of the sheer beauty of this special land that will ignite within you a plan to visit.


And the occasional Tuscany cat.

Tuscany cat in window, Roccastrada Maremma Italy.


Wow, Donna

I should be packing tonight but just took a few minutes to read your Maremma newsletter which arrived today - great articles, and absolutely stunning photos!

Can't wait to look at them again on my bigger computer when I get home - a laptop doesn't do them justice.

Thanks for 10 minutes of being totally transported to another place!

Susan, Boston, USA


Poppies in Tuscany in spring.


Read about them all before anyone else does. As well as festivals, events, and special discounts on accommodation and tickets to museums.


Hello Donna,

I can't remember how I got on your mailing list but now I thoroughly enjoy reading it on a regular basis.

Your writing is vibrant, informative and beautifully describes the Maremma that you love.

I look forward to visiting the area someday.

Nanette, USA



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