Tuscany Beaches in Maremma

The Best in Italy

Maremma is home to the most beautiful of Tuscany beaches lying along a spectacular coastline with the turquoise and emerald green Ligurian and Tyrrhenian Seas - the Mar Ligure and the Mar Tirreno.

It is here that you will find the most beautiful beach in Italy.

Tuscany Beaches in Maremma sunset photo: Tramonto a Principina

Explore each one along the spectacular Etruscan coast, the Costa degli Etruschi, in Maremma Livornese. With the unspoilt Golfo di Baratti watched over by Populonia, where the Etruscans chose to found their only city by the sea. Drive along the approach road to the Gulf and from your first glimpse of the glistening sea in the bay, you will appreciate why.

And then there are the Tuscany beaches in Maremma Grossetana, with the blue sweep of the Golfo di Follonica, the stunning Costa D'Argento, Monte Argentario and the Tuscan archipelago islands of Giglio, Giannutri and Elba. You can even see the islands of Montecristo and Corsica from this stretch of coastline.

Special places throughout the year, for me, they are at their most beautiful out of the summer holiday season when the all the parasols and paraphernalia are gone and they revert to their natural state.

Maremma in the spring, early summer and autumn is an exceptionally stunning place. Her beaches no less so. Imagine a white sand cove or a black sand beach stretching into the distance with no one but yourselves (or just a few others in the know) on it. Paradise. With their palm trees and warm crystal clear waters, you would be hard pressed to know that these beaches are in Europe and not the Caribbean or another exotic destination.

It is no wonder, therefore, that these Tuscany beaches are highly favoured by Italians from nearby Florence, Siena & Rome. And Austrian, German, and Swiss families who return to Maremma year after year for their holidays.


The best Tuscany beaches are the secret ones...

A hidden Maremma cove for those who like to walk - because it will take you some time to get there! - and families who love a bit of adventure. You will get to see some large wild boar footprints, and some blood-spewing beetles along the way there ;)

Sceret Tuscany beach Italy



A secret Tuscany beach nestled between pillows

A secret Tuscany beach nestled between pillow lavas in a nature reserve you wouldn't know was there! But you will have to walk through head height French gorse and wild fragrant virgin's bower clematis to reach it.

Secret Tuscany beach Italy.


The secret Tuscany beach.



Tuscany Beaches and Marinas in Maremma
with the Blue Flag "Bandiere" Award

The Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) annually awards Blue Flags to the cleanest beaches with excellent water quality - click here for more information. I have marked those Tuscany beaches in Maremma which have been awarded Blue Flags for successive years with this blue flag logo blue flag.


The Tuscany Beaches in Maremma

In alphabetical order by location.

Golfo di Baratti Beaches

Baratti beach, Golfo di Baratti, MaremmaBaratti beach



  • Spiaggia Centrale Marina di Bibbona blue flag
  • Spiaggia dei Tomboli
  • Spiaggia del Gineprino


Capalbio Beaches

  • Chiarone
  • Macchiatonda, Capalbio Scalo

Castagneto Carducci

  • Marina di Castagneto Carducci Beach blue flag


Castiglione della Pescaia Beaches

Castiglione della Pescaia beach

Photos by Opaxir

North beach Castiglione della Pescaia, Maremma ItalyNorth Beach


Cecina Beaches

  • Le Gorette Beach blue flag
  • Marina di Cecina Beach blue flag



Follonica Beaches

Follonica beach Maremma ItalyPhoto by Marco Marroni
Levante spiaggia Follonica, Maremma Tuscany ItalyLevante spiaggia
Lido di Follonica beach, Maremma Tuscany ItalyLido di Follonica



Fonteblanda Beaches

Osa Fonteblanda beach Maremma Italy

Osa beach

Photo by alisonhulot


Grosseto Beaches

Le Marze beach, Marina di Grosseto Maremma ItalyLe Marze, Marina di Grosseto Photo by Opaxir
Marina di Grosseto beach Maremma ItalyMarina di Grosseto blue flag Photo by Opaxir


  • Marina di San Rocco blue flag
  • Tombolo Grossetano, Marina di Grosseto


Isola di Giannutri Beaches

  • Isola di Giannutri, Giannutri


Isola del Giglio Beaches

Cala delle Caldane Isola del Giglio Maremma ItalyCala delle Caldane

Photo by lultimavoltache.

Cala Smeraldo, Isola del Giglio, Maremma ItalyCala Smeraldo

Photo by checcastef

  • Cala dell' Allume
  • Cala dell' Arenella
  • Cala delle Cannelle
  • Cala di Corvo
  • Campese, Giglio Campese



Marina di Alberese Beach

Marina di Alberese beach, Maremma


Monte Argentario Beaches

Cala Grande beach Monte Argentario Maremma ItalyCala GrandePhoto by Elisabetta Rinaldi
Feniglia beachFeniglia beach blue flagPhoto by checcastef
Giannella beach, Monte ArgentarioGiannella beach blue flagPhoto by WebMic
Il Pozzarello beach, Porto ErcoleIl Pozzarello beach, near Porto Santo StefanoPhoto by alisonhulot
Le Viste beach. Monte Argentario, Maremma ItalyLe Viste, Porto ErcolePhoto by alisonhulot
  • Bagni di Domiziano, Porto Santo Stefano
  • Cala del Bove, Porto Santo Stefano
  • Cala Galera, Porto Ercole
  • Cala del Gesso, Porto Santo Stefano
  • Cala Moresca, Porto Santo Stefano
  • Cala Piccola
  • Il Purgatorio, Porto Ercole
  • Il Siluripedio, Porto Santo Stefano
  • L'Aqua Dolce, Porto Ecole
  • La Bionda, Porto Santo Stefano
  • La Cacciarella, Porto Santo Stefano
  • La Caletta, Porto Santo Stefano
  • La Cantoniera, Porto Santo Stefano
  • La Marinella, Porto Santo Stefano
  • La Piletta, Porto Ercole
  • La Sanita', Porto Santo Stefano
  • La Soda, Porto Santo Stefano
  • Le Cannelle, Porto Santo Stefano
  • Mar Morto, Porto Santo Stefano
  • Porto Ercole Beach blue flag
  • Porto Santo Stefano Beach blue flag
  • Punta Nera, Porto Santo Stefano
  • Sbarcatello, Porte Ercole
  • Spiaggia delle Suore, Porto Santo Stefano
  • Spiaggia Lunga, Porto Ercole
  • Viareggio, Porto Santo Stefano


Orbetello Beaches

Tagliata beach Ansedonia Maremma Italy

Tagliata spiaggia di Ansedonia

Photo by Afrocheye


  • Duna di Feniglia
  • Patanella
  • Spiaggia della Giannella
  • Tombolo di Giannella, Albinia


Piombino Beaches

Cala Moresca Piombino beachCala Moresca
Buca delle Fate beach, Populonia Maremma Tuscany ItalyBuca delle Fate Populonia, Baratti
Carbonifera beach Maremma TuscanyCarbonifera, Parco Naturale della Sterpaia blue flag
Dog Beach Parco Naturale della SterpaiaDog Beach
Perelli beach, Piombino in the Parco Naturale della Sterpaia Maremma Tuscany ItalyPerelli blue flag 1 & 2 beaches.
Torraccia spiaggia beach Piombino Maremma Tuscany ItalyNorth around the promontory from the Golfo di Baratti, La Torraccia beach.
Torre Mozza beach, MaremmaTorre Mozza Parco Naturale della Sterpaia blue flag
Marina di Salivoli spiaggia: Piombino beachesMarina di Salivoli beach


  • Canaletto
  • Carlappiano blue flag
  • Fosso alle Canne
  • Monte Massoncello
  • Piazza Bovio
  • Sotto Bernadini
  • Sotto i Frati
  • Spiaggia Lunga


Punta Ala Beaches

Punta Ala beachPunta Ala beach blue flag


Cala Barbiere beach Punta Ala Maremma Tuscany ItalyCala Barbiere or Spiaggia Barbiere
Cala del Porto Punta Ala cove, MaremmaCala del Porto Punta Ala - Marina di Punta Ala cove blue flag


Rosignano Marittimo

  • Spiaggia Bianche
  • Vada (Pietrabanca - Mazzanta) blue flag


San Vincenzo Beaches

San Vincenzo Tuscany Spiaggia Rimgliano: a Costa degli Etruschi beach in the Parco Costiero di RimiglianoParco Costiero di Rimigliano Beach blue flag the best San Vincenzo beach
  • Dog Beach
  • Centro Beach blue flag
  • Conchiglia Beach blue flag
  • Principessa Beach blue flag
  • Riva degli Etruschi
  • Spiaggia di San Vincenzo


Scarlino Beaches

Puntone di Scarlino beach Maremma ItalyPuntone di Scarlino


Talamone Beaches

Talamone spiaggia privata: a private beachPrivate coves
Talamone beach: a public covePublic coves
Bengodi beach spiaggia Talamone Maremma TuscanySpiaggia di Bengodi beach



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