Maremma Dog Beaches Italy

the most beautiful dog friendly beaches in Tuscany

These Maremma dog beaches in Italy - "spiagge per cani" - are the beaches that allow dogs along the stunning Tuscany coast in Maremma: some of the most beautiful and best dog beaches in Italy.

Dog friendly beaches in Tuscany: the most beautiful



Stunning beaches on which to play with your four-legged best friend

Dog beaches in Tuscany Italy


A NOTE about Alberese: the Parco Regionale della Maremma

OK, I know that I said that here you would find all of the beaches that allow dogs in Maremma, but I get asked so often whether it is possible to take dogs into the Parco Regionale della Maremma, in particular its gorgeous wild beach - the Marina di Alberese - that I thought it would be useful to add the information here. And as I have included the beaches in alphabetical order by location and Alberese begins with an A, it features first!

Be aware that, for the protection of both the animals in Maremma's national park and for your dog, dogs are NOT permitted in the Park, either on a lead, in a bag or basket, or in your arms etc.


Baratti beach

Spiagga di Baratti: the San Cerbone beach at Canessa. This is the southern area of the beautiful beach at the Bay of Baratti between the tiny church of San Cerbone and Baratti's fishing port.

Baratti beach Tuscany


Although, I have to say that every time I visit the beach (which is often) and walk its entire length, even though there are clear signs along the public beach, dog owners have never drawn a distinction between the part where dogs are allowed and the larger bay area to the north where they aren't.

Baratti pineta


What makes Baratti beach a great location for families with dogs is that the beach itself is relatively protected from onshore winds, so great for whole days out. There's easy access from the public car park right behind the beach, so no long hauls with your beach gear. And a great large grassed park area with shady pine trees - le pineta - perfect for picnics and relief from the heat of a summer's day.


Castiglione della Pescaia

Between the campsite "Etruria" and the border of the Comune of Grosseto, 200 metres north of the beach Le Marze.



Spiaggia Fosso Nuovo, in the locality of Cecinella near Andalu.

Spiaggia delle Gorette, near the Campeggio (Campsite) Mare Blu, sixty metres to the north of Gorette beach.



Marina di Grosseto beach Tuscany

The Spiaggia Le Marze, Marina di Grosseto 300 metres of beach in the direction of Castiglione della Pescaia.


Isola d'Elba

Spiaggai di Fonza, located close to the Marina di Campo on the island.

Spiaggai di Mola near the Bay of Mola in Porto Azzurro, a 500 sqaure metre area of beach.

Spiaggia di Marciana Marina, a private beach with an area reserved for dogs, but note only between the hours of 18:00 and 20:00 each day.



At the mouth of the River Albegna, in the locaility of the Torre Saline Albinia (the salt tower) by the "Camping Village d'Albegna". Between 07:30 and 23:00 from 1 June to 30 September each year.

An 80 metre stretch of beach two hundred metres to the left of the entrance to "Caravaggio" on the Ansedonia side. Again, between 07:30 and 23:00 from 1 June to 30 September each year.



Spiaggi Bernardini, the whole of the beach.

Spiaggi Lungo, the southern-most part towards Calamoresca.

Spiaggia I Macelli, the eastern half of the beach.

Spiaggia Mortelliccio 2 (Ovest) , the beach to the west in the protected "Parco costiero della Sterpaia".

Dog friendly beaches in Maremma Tuscany Italy


Spiaggia Perelli 1 (Ovest), also in the "Parco costiero della Sterpaia". The stretch of sands to the east of the harbour at Tor de Sale or Torre del Sale (Salt Tower, also known as the Salt House).

Parco costiero della Sterpaia

Spiaggia Quadliodromo. The part of the beach where dogs are allowed is marked with signs.


Punta Ala

Punta Ala dog beach


In the locaility of Il Piastrone, 150 metres of public beach between the private "bagno" called "Il Quadrifoglio" and Casetta Civinini.


San Vincenzo

This one is actually called "Dog Beach" and can be found at in Via della Principessa Fosso, Botra ai Marmi.



Maremma dog beaches Italy: Tuscany and Lazio

Puntone di Scarlino beach is also a haven for line fishermen and windsurfing (you can take lessons there from a Follonica based windsurfing school).

Easiest to find by heading towards Puntone di Scarlino and walking down alongside the River Pecora to where it oulets into the Tyrrhenian Sea. To the left and right of which is the part of the beach where dogs are allowed. (The southern-most limit is the Marina di Scarlino - you can't walk any further anyway! - and the northern-most limit is around the cargo-ship jetty.)


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