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Every Maremma bed and breakfast in this page is unique, extraordinary and exceptional: simply put, they are nothing short of fabulous and amongst the very best places to stay in Maremma.


First up: for when you want everything

When you are dreaming of a holiday in Tuscany and you want everything. To wander around a beautiful Tuscan medieval hilltop town like a local with no other tourist in sight. To be immersed in Mediterannean countryside and to wake-up to an incredible silence and stunning views.

To have breakfast brought to you in a perfume filled garden whilst you sink your toes into a thick velvety cool lawn. To drink a glass of wine or a cup of hot chocolate on the terrace as the sun sets and the darkness brings with it a night sky of shooting starts.

To relax so much that you end up feeling like the place is your own home. Oh, and to be near the coast and the very best beaches in Tuscany.

And, of course, a castle and a garden filled with tiny fairies carrying lanterns...

A fabulous Maremma bed and breakfast in Tuscany.

Take a look at Il Giardino dei Sugheri - the Garden of Cork Oaks bed and breakfast in Maremma.

Bed and breakfast in Maremma Tuscany Italy



Sleep in a palace of a notrious medieval lord

This Maremma B&B is right in the historic heart of argueably Maremma's most beautiful towns, the medieval and Rennaissance Massa Marittima.

In a 13th century palace that an infamous medieval Lord had built or himself and his wife when he ruled this part of Maremma, before he had her murdered.

Massa Marittima Tuscany Italy

Just one elegant, en-suite, room with a view across terracotta-tiled rooftops and a wooded rolling hill landscape all the way to the sea. In the home of an Italian artist and his wife.

Bed and breakfast Massa Marittima Maremma Tuscany

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