Cala del Porto Punta Ala

Punta Ala Cove, Maremma

The sandy bay of Cala del Porto Punta Ala (Punta Ala cove), once terrorised by pirates, is now a pretty beach in an elite sailing resort in Maremma.

Cala del Porto Punta Ala, Maremma

The cove, its outcrop of "Scogli Porchetti" rocks, and the small towered island of the "Isolotta dello Sparviero", mark the very extremity of the "Promontorio di Punta Ala" and the southern-most point of the Gulf of Follonica.

Sandy for most of its length, the sands give way to a rocky shore at the coves southern end.

These photographs were taken during an early November evening with storm winds and a fantastic sunset: simply magical Maremma.

Beach sunset picture: Cala del Porto Punta Ala, Maremma
Sunset over Isolotta dello Sparviero from Cala del Porto Punta Ala


Getting there

Leave the SP158 for Punta Ala at the Pian d'Alma crossroads: the road will take you to the beginning of the holiday homes, second homes and hotels that are Punta Ala. From here follow the signs for the centre and port, until the point where you can proceed no further: you will reach a series of dead-ends with parking bays (all pay and display).

NOTE: Vehicular access to the port and hence the cove is restricted to those with permits.

You will be on the rise that is the backdrop to the port and from here you will need to take one of the paths down into the port itself.

A couple of points worth bearing in mind if you have young children. The main pedestrian path down into the port - through the apartment block complexes - is stepped. Not a problem for most youngsters going down, but in my experience the return journey after playing on the beach often warrants carrying them some of the way! You may wish, therefore, especially if you have buggies or pushchairs to manoever, to take the longer road route out of the port and find the road in which you left your car from the top.

There is another sweeping path that leads up and out of the centre of the port, but take it from me it is tortuous and has a number of stepped and awkward junctures along its route not evident until you are well commited to proceeding!

The second point of note is that, although there are well equiped toilet (including shower) facilities close to the cove which upon first sight appear to be public facilities, they are not. They may only be used by permit holders. Punta Ala is like that: it is a millionaires sailing port after all.


The map

Punta Ala Port and the boats moored there the day the satellite passed over are clearly visible, as are the holiday home and apartment complexes which make up this elite resort in Maremma.

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There are a handful of bars in the Port of Punta Ala that also serve light meals and even during the winter months there is usually at least one open.


The November sunset

I know that including these additional photographs and a video is going to make the page load slower, but it really was a stunning sunset, made even more special by the stormy sea whose deep emerald green waves broke on shore and against the lighthouse...

Sunsets at the beach: Cala del Porto Punta Ala, Maremma
Sunset over Isolotta dello Sparviero from Cala del Porto Punta Ala

The photos above and below are of the Isolotto dello Sparviero or Troia as it was known, with the Scogli Porchetti rocks in the foreground. The latter are more readily visible in the second photo.

The tower on the island is the medieval tower of "La Torre degli Appiani", also known as the "Torre dello Sparviero, or the "Torre di Troia Vecchia". Built to defend the Port of Punta Ala and the Maremman coastline, it was subject to violent pirate attacks that resulted in serious structural damage and the refusal of the military stationed there to remain.

Maremma may be a quiet place now, but her history is all but...

Sunset beaches: Cala del Porto Punta Ala, Maremma

In this image, the beautiful Isola d'Elba - the Island of Elba - is in the background.

Sunset over ocean: the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Island of Elba from the port of Punta Ala one eraly November evening in Maremma
Sunset over Isola d'Elba from the cove


Watch the entire beach sunset...




Explore some more...

  • The wide and long Capanna Civinini beach that runs north from Punta Ala with its white medieval tower, the Torre Civette.

  • Visit the stunning nearby white sand cove of Cala Violina: officially the best beach in Italy and especially beautiful out of the summer season when, if you arrive early in the morning you can have it all to yourself - a special experience. Or, take the trek through the woods to arrive at around 6pm - you will pass most visitors on their way home for the evening - and watch the sunset over the Island of Elba in total solitude...

  • Around the promontory you will find the less popular (it is a pebbly cove) Cala Martina - which most people pass over in favour of Cala Violina.

  • Or south towards the popular sailing port and medieval hill top town of Castiglione della Pescaia, the beach of Le Roccette



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