Bagno delle Donne Beach

The small beach area called "Bagno delle Donne" at Talamone isn't everyone's cup of tea as it's main area has been cemented over and is given over during the summer months to a private lido with sun loungers and a bar. And, that remaining for public access comprises of large rocks.

But, the view is incredible: the magnificent medieval fortress of the Rocca Aldobrandesca di Talamone sits on the clifftop above - a photographer and history buffs dream. The coastline with views across to Monte Argentaro and the island of Giglio is stunning. Did I say, stunning. And the sea water is a mixture of bright blue, turquoise and emerald green: the type that we all swoon over in holiday brochures.

Talamone Bagno delle Donne spiaggia Maremma Tuscany

That Talamone itself is a lovely place to explore, with its own port and trips to the islands, and with cafes ansd restaurants abound, makes the Bagno delle Donne the perfect place to dip your toes in the water on a non-beach day out exploring Maremma.

Bagno delle Donne Talamone beach Maremma Tuscany

The local ladies also pop down here on their lunch break for the days quota of sunbathing!

These photographs were taken in April when neither the beach concession nor the hotel (appeared to be under going building works) were open. Spring is definately one of the best times to visit: lovely warm days without the crowds. On this particular Friday those parts of the lido protected from the onshire winds were already occupied by sunbathers and I got sunburnt on the bits of me not covered by my Rohamn protective clothing taking these pics! I burn easily!

Isola del Giglio from Talamone TuscanyView across to the Isola del Giglio


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Parking and access

The easiest option is to leave your car in the town's main public car park next to the port: the beach is only a two minute walk away.

Acess from the town is really easy going - unlike the other tiny beaches around the town, there is no rocky cliff to descend - as the path down comprises of really wide shallow steps. And, as I mentioned above, the floor of the cove has been cemented over, so you don't even have to sit on a rock or get any sand in your toes. (Not that that it is to my liking, but each to their own...)

When you arrive in Talamone and the old city walls are in front of you, bear right along the outside rather than left to the sailing port Continue up the hill and at its crest you will see the beach and the path down to reach it.

The view of the Rocca di Aldobrandesca from the beach.

Talamone Rocca Aldobrandesca view from Bagno delle Donne, Maremma Tuscany

The black rocks that you can see here in the shallow waters immediately in front of the lido are are known as the "Dente del Leone", lions teeth.

These are the rocky pools on the other side of the lido - you can just see the steep cliff footpaths on the rocks opposite that lead down from private villas and homes in the Mediterranean macchia on the clifftop above to their own tiny patches of rocky beach. Better not drink too many aperitivo's before venturing up or down those steps!

Talamone beach Bagno delle Donne: a rocky shore



Places to stay

Talamone Hotel Capo D'Uomo

You can't get closer than the hotel on top of the cliff whose private path descends onto the beach - the beach concession bar and restaurant is theirs: Hotel Capo D'Uomo.


Talamone's sandy beach

Talamone beach spiaggia Fertlia, Maremma Tuscany

Talamone's sandy beach - a long long stretch that is favoured by kitesurfers and windsurfers alike, is "spiaggia Fertilia".


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