Maremma Tuscany at Sunset

Maremma Tuscany at sunset is simply stunning: no wonder poets have written about it. The colours and the changing light over the landscape in this beautiful land full of secrets, that was once, not so very long ago, the last wild frontier of Tuscany, steals hearts and seals pledges to return again and again.

They are food for the soul.

Talamone Italy - with its fortress - at sunset. The set for the Quantum of Solace James Bond movie and a favourite place of mine for a picnic: the views are stunning.

Talamone Italy at sunset in MaremmaTalamone in Maremma at sunset Photo by kind permission of Maremma photographer Luca Coscarelli.


Capanna Civinini beach in the Golfo di Follonica, near Punta Ala, in October.

Tuscany sunset in October


The spectacular and small Romanesque, Gothic, and Rennaissance city of Massa Marittima, Tuscany at sunset in January.



The Ocean Sunsets

Ocean sunsets aren't hard to come by in this part of Tuscany for Maremma has a spectacular 250 kilometre long coast with both the Mar Tirreno and Mar Ligure - the Ligurian and Tyrrhenian Seas.

Taken on Macchiatonda, Capalbio beach in December.

Ocean sunsets in Maremma Tuscany December Photo by Afrocheye.


Tuscany sunset in October in Portiglione Puntone di Scarlino Portiglione, Puntone di Scarlino


Watching the sun go down from the lighthouses at Castiglione della Pescaia is a thing the local residents, joined by visiting tourists, do a lot. The simple things in life are the very best :)


Fishing boats returning home to the harbour at Castiglione della Pescaia before last light: an orange October sunset.

Orange ocean sunset at Castiglione della Pescaia, Tuscany: fishing boats coming home


Taken from the beach of Cala del Porto di Punta Ala - Punta Ala Cove: a November Tuscany sunset over the tiny island of Isolotta dello Sparviero and the rocks called la Pinna and the Scogli Porchetti.

Tuscany island sunset in November



Food for the soul in 99 seconds: an orange October sunset at Castiglione della Pescaia



The Beach Sunsets

Beach sunsets: for those who love to stay on a beach when all have gone home and watch the day turn into night as our planet puts on a show of colours that are just breathtaking.... and all the while with the sound of the surf breaking on the shore.

I love purple sunsets! Principina a Mare beach in Maremma Grossetana by kind permission of by Tomasso Zannerini.

Beach Sunset Photos: purple sunset at Principina a Mare, Maremma Tuscany in July


Late September in Tuscany and the days are still gloriously warm and the clouds are lit-up by the setting sun.

September in Maremma sunset



Carbonifera beach in March looking south towards the medieval tower and beach of Torre Mozza and the seaside town of Follonica.

Pink beach sunset Carbonifera and Torre Mozza beaches in the Gulf of Follonica"Tramonto sul golfo di Follonica" by Massimo Pelagagge


A Maremma beach sunset after a stormy November day...




The sunset landscapes

"Tramonto" from the hill town of Gerfalco.

Red sunset scenery in Maremma Tuscany By Enzo Tiberi


Nearly black, an October sunset over Isola d'Elba.

Black and red sunset over Isola d'Elba in October


Fishing as night falls at Puntone di Scarlino.

Fishing at Puntone di Scarlino as night falls



A Moon Sunset

A beautiful image of a famous building in Maremma, that of the Casa Ximenes, or La Casa Rossa (Red House), within the Riserva Naturale Diaccia Botrona: a natural marsh close to the medieval town and port of Castiglione della Pescaia.

Although I have seen many great images of Casa Ximenes - it is popular amongst professional and amateur photographers alike - I have never seen it captured like this before.

If you are staying in Castiglione della Pescaia for your vacation, it is within easy reach by foot of the town centre and makes for an interesting morning or afternoon out when you are tired of the beach. Now the visitor centre for the reserve, it was built in the 18th century by Leonardo Ximenes to undertake the hydraulic drainange and reclamation of the area. There's even a "resident" large rodent that will capture the interest of the children with you.

The wooded hills in the foreground are those of the massive Poggio Ballone, which separates two major river plains in Maremma, and within which you will find "cinghiale" (wild boar) and deer rooting and roaming free, and the medieval hill top towns of Buriano, Gavorrano, Giuncarico, Scarlino and the Etruscan city of Vetulonia.


Maremma Tuscany at night

More stunning images of Maremma Tuscany at night

San Bruzio Abbet at night, Magliano in Toscana Maremma Tuscany ItalyAn August night in Tuscany at San Bruzio by kind permission of ©Kaoscube


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