Favourite places in Maremma Tuscany

by Katja (aka Swiss Miss)

Piazza Grosseto Tuscany Italy

Piazza Grosseto Tuscany Italy


This is not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of the Maremma. Nevertheless Grosseto is worth a visit - no leaning tower to be found in Maremma’s biggest city, and no Piazza del Campo. And this is exactly why you should visit Grosseto, a town as far away from a tourist assault as one can get in Tuscany.

Grosseto’s centre is still surrounded by an imposing town wall and the Cathedral and the main square are worth taking a few photos. But that’s not why you came. You’re in Grosseto to cut down on the tourists and to find out about the daily humdrum of the average Tuscan: where he shops, how she drinks her coffee. Nothing fancy just Tuscany for real, with lots of options to find that new frock whilst your hubby is enjoying another aperitivo.

Two things to remember:
Many of the smaller shops close between 1pm and 4.30 pm. So come in the morning or late afternoon if you are after a new pair of shoes. Avoid visiting Grosseto (and really any other Italian city) when it’s boiling hot. No fun draggin’ the whole family to one of those famous squares, whilst everybody just dreams of lying at a beach. Have a proper siesta and hit the town in the evening or early morning, just as the locals do.


Forget the Butteri for a while and spend an afternoon with the Etruscans. Here two of my favourite venues to meet them:

Museo Archeologico Isidoro Falchi in Vetulonia. A Lovely little town with a great view towards the sea and a beautiful Etruscan museum. All of it close enough to Castiglione della Pescaia, where you’ll find one of my favourite bars for an early aperitivo.

Feeling like a walk? I love the atmosphere in the Parco degli Etruschi near Roselle. This is no flashy archaeological site. No queues. Very laid back. And nobody will mind if the kids use the Roman ruins for some hide-and-seek. What better way to turn them into precocious art-lovers.


It’s Maremma’s strong point. In fact there is never ending choice here. But if I had to part with all but one, I’d never let go of my favourite Italian National Park. The Parco Naturale della Maremma is pure paradise, not just for animals. It sports amazing wild beaches and a great selection of hiking trails. Plus there’s a lovely cycling path that will take you safely to the sea whilst gazing at some Maremma cows.


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Dec 12, 2011
Thanks Katja
by: Donna

Dear Katja

Thank you for taking the time to share your favourite places in Maremma.

The historic centre of Grosseto is, indeed, a gem isn't it, especially as it is mostly pedestrianised.

I will never forget the first time I visited the Parco Archeologico di Roselle. It was filled with actors in Roman costume for a live outdoor theatre show and the amphitheatre was their final curtain stage. The view of the valley below is striking and there are some lovely mosaics and, as you say, it is a great place for youngsters to roam and explore.

The beach at Marina di Alberese is stunning isn't it and one of my favourite places too. I have yet to met someone who hasn't been struck by its natural beauty. But perhaps that is because it is so strikingly different to the usual Italian beach experience of line upon line of sun parasols and bars.

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