My favourite Medieval castle of the Maremma

by Paolo Ramponi

Montemassi Castle in 2010 after the works of consolidation

Montemassi Castle in 2010 after the works of consolidation

The middle ages castle of Montemassi is, without any doubt, the most famous monument in the territory of Roccastrada, for its importance of historical document (it was represented on the famous fresco situated in the public palace of Siena attributed to Simone Martini) and for the high example of Gothic style architecture that it represents.

The castle is remembered for the first time in history in the year 1076 as ownership of a certain Count Ildebrando.

Still today it dominates the whole plain from the Colline Metallifere to the Sea. And it is my favourite medieval castle in Maremma.

Reply from Donna at The Maremma Guide...

Ciao Paolo!

As the author of the website CastelliToscani all about medieval fortifications in Tuscany, I know you know your castles! Thanks for sharing your favourite in Maremma. It does command a magnificent view of Maremma Grossetana and the tranquil Tuscan hill town of Montemassi is well worth a visit in its own right.


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