Lonely medieval Tuscany castle tower for sale seeks her Mr Darcy


A lonely medieval Tuscany castle tower for sale seeks her Mr Darcy.

I'll admit that I'm no spring chicken: my robust, thick, stature gives it away. But I haven't let myself go. Even I can say that I strike a splendid "bella figura" in town. Tall and striking from any angle.

I know who I am. I have a strong personality and won't suffer to be fiddled and faddled with. To be made into something I'm not.

I'm looking for my next partner for life. (His or her, life. Because I will out live them.) I've had many!

But this time I want nothing less than Mr Darcy. Who will love me for who I am. Who won't want to change me. And when he sees my four floors and their idiocyncraciies will feel he has come home and want nothing more than to snuggle in my rooms. Cook-up a wicked dinner in the rooftop kitchen. And gaze at the magical mountain beyond from my sundrenched terrace.


Whlist this medieval Tuscany tower - once part of the town's original x century castle - isn't as tall nor as infamous the towers of the San Gimigano. It is nonetheless a very special property.


Built on the bedrock - a section of which protrudes into its cellar so as no one could forget the fact - - beneath the hill top market town of ancient Arcidosso. Famous for its chestnuts and autumn festivals.


The location

in th emiddle of tow, with all the shops bars restaurants and bakes butchesr to hand

and with a view

It's cota os arms with three "baby"faces that ...



The front aspect and entrance



The neighbours

The home - or once home, now two museums - of your neighbours. The Aldobrandeschi family.

What separates you now is the still cultivated castle kitchen garden.






The second flight up



To the open plan top floor

living room, kitchen and terrace.



Take a look at the depth of the kitchen windowsill... I could snug on there with a book and a glass of wine whilst you cook






The rooftop terrace view



This photo doesn't show it, but there is plenty of room on this terrace for a family to dine out or sunbath etc. the only thing is that, for safety sake, it is in need of an enclosing - a wrought iron would be lovely - barrier around its two open sides.



The floor plan

This is how - part of - the accommodation looks on a floor plan



The second floor

Back downstairs on the middle floor.








Two bedrooms

One large double eebdroom and one small single.


The single room is above the Porta di Castello and faces into town with a view out of its arched window to Maremma's mountain, Monte Amiata.

It is a small room, there i sno denying it, but would make an atmospheric fairy princess bedroom for a youngster.


With its nooks and crannies in its ever so thick walls


The bathroom

The second bathrrom in the tower is as equally large as its (ground floor) first. It has a shower and is currently home to the washing machine.

The view looking left from the doorway. The room also opens to the right.



The entrance

The front door and entrance hall way.

The hallway is a spacious rectangular room. off of whoch lead three doors. The first to the underground cellar. The second to the large downstairs bathroom. And the third to the living area from which the rest of the accommodation is reached.


The ground floor living area.



The cellar

The stairs down.



The cellar, with the local bedrock protruding out of its walls, has its own - small - window and is, in part, currently used for storing the winter's supply of logs.



The shop

The tower also comes with a further ground floor area that has in the past been rented out as a shop.

In the photograph below of the Porta di Castello, the accommodation is visible as the ground floor part of the building on the left hand side, that extends the depth of the gateway. From the first arch to the second.

It has a double entrance door and a large, full height, window.



The location

In the histroic centre of the rural market town of Arcidosso, guarded by Maremma's (now extinct) volcanic Monte Amiata mountain - this "vecchai torre di csatello" old castle tower was once the entrance to the original castle.

Guarding over all who entered.


The Porta di Castello

The imposing Porta di Castello through which you will have to walk to reach your front door.




Looking back once you are through.


Passing Vicolo delle Scalette on your right as your bear left around a round corner. I wouldn't want to carry my shopping up all of those stairs: luckily you won't have to!


Past Via S. Niccolo on your right with the fascinating 14th century Palazzo di Pietro Amati.


Into the beginnings of Piazza Felice Cvollotti - the setting for wonderful open air summer theatre - and your front door.


The view of the Piazza from the windows of the double bedroom on the middle floor.




Are you my Mr Darcy?

Are you him? Will you love my nooks just the way they are? And accept my immovability for what it is. Not stubborness, but born of solid stock.


My current partner is an architect who restored me. Who, with his family, has loved me as a holiday home in this part of Maremma. But the time in his and their life time has come when they need to move on.

I said I was an indepenent type, and I am. I can stand strong on my own. But I don't like to.

I'm at my best when I am filled with the sounds of joy and laughter. When my windows are flung open and light floods from all directions into me.

Will you hold my keys in your hands and do that for me?



The price and more information

This tower is a rare find amongst properties for sale in Tuscany, but its price will be a pleasant surprise. And it is negotiable.

Find out how much and more information about the amenities etc by dropping a note to Rita Renzi and Riccardo Giuntini of the Tuscanary real estate agenncy here in Maremma that are handling the sale. And who happen to be the agenst I recommend if you are looking to purchase a home in Maremma.

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