A Detailed Map of Italy

If you are looking for a detailed map of Italy there are two choices: online and hard copy and you will find them both here. The first you can start using right now in the page below. It is an incredibly detailed map that I use all of the time for exploring Maremma or researching a journey further afield, often passing more time at the computer than I had originally intended as my eye is caught by something interesting along the way!


The online map of Italy

Be aware that using this map can become incredibly addictive and you might find that the next hour just flies past!

As a starting point, I have zoomed the map into the centre of the eternal city of Rome - the Colosseum - to give you an idea of the level of detail that is available. If you click on the satellite option - marked "Sat" in the top right hand corner of the map - you can even see the cars travelling around the Colosseum at the time the satellite took the picture!

Simply zoom out a little, locate the area of Italy that interests you, and zoom in again.

TIP: Thinking of booking a hotel or bed and breakfast accommodation? Check out exactly where the building is situated first here, and if the details say that it has a garden and swimming pool, take a birds eye look at them too!

View a larger map 


A detailed map of Italy with cities to take with you:
the hard copies

If you are looking for a driving map of Italy, these are my recommendations - favourite road maps of Italy.

Otherwise, for an Italy travel map to pack in your bag, there are a great selection to choose from on the Amazon.com website. I've collected the most popular together here in this carousel. Just click on the one that interests you for the full page of information with reviews.



The best time to visit and the weather in Italy

Best time to visit Italy

The heart of the Tuscan hills in Maremma in May by Carlo Micheloni

Find out when is the best time to visit to visit Italy to see the fields full of wild flowers and the orchards in full bloom, to avoid feeling like a sardine in a tin during on a beach during the annual Italian summer holiday, and when the best accommodation deals are to be had.

Check out the Italy weather forecasts and climate information including a 15 day weather report and detailed city forecasts.

Have a great Italy vacation!


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