My Local Italian Food Store
and Salumeria Italiana

One of the best of Italian Delis in Maremma, Italy

Italian Food Store: La Novella Salumeria Italiana
La Novella: my wonderful local Italian food store

La Novella near Massa Marittima in Maremma is my wonderful local Italian food store where I shop every day for fresh bread, Italian wine and cheese and cured-meats. They specialise in "vini e prodotti genuini di Maremma" - Maremman wine and products - of which there is an expansive and tempting selection.

But La Novella is more than just one of the great Italian delis in Maremma, it is a professionally-run co-operative that focuses on sourcing and selling high quality products, always with a friendly and welcoming service. And you can eat lunch there! (info and link at the bottom of the page). I just love the place!

The following is a selection of what is available at La Novella: I hope you enjoy browsing like I do!


Typical Italian Cheeses from Maremma

Typical Italian Cheeses from Maremma
Part of the Italian food store La Novella's wide selection of typical Italian cheeses from Maremma

The soft - "fresco" - Italian cheeses available from La Novella include:

  • Caciotta il Guerriero
  • Pecorino Caciotta al Peperoncino
  • Pecorino al Tartufu
  • Pecorino Fresco DOP. Manciano
  • Pecorino Grosseto Media Stagionatura
  • Pecorino Semi-stagionato Latte Crudo
  • Pecorino Toscano Fresco

And the varieties of hard Italian cheese:

  • Parmigiano
  • Pecorino al Farro
  • Pecorino Amiatina
  • Pecorino Amiatino Scodellato
  • Percorino Cenere
  • Pecorino di Grotta
  • Pecorino PeKora
  • Pecorino Latte Crudo
  • Pecorino Marzolino
  • Pecorino di Rocca
  • Pecorino Rosso Amiatino
  • Pecorino Stagionato Primitivo
  • Pecorino Toscano Stagionato


Italian Deli Meats: Salumi

Italian Cured Meats from La Maremma
Part of the Italian food store La Novella's wonderful selection of Italian deli meats from Maremma

La Novella has an extensive range of Italian cured meats that include:

  • Bresaola
  • Capocollo
  • Culatello
  • Finocchiona
  • Lardo
  • Lonza (or Lonzino)
  • Mortadella
  • Mortadella con pistacchio
  • Mortadella di cinghiale
  • Pancetta
  • Pancetta arrotolata
  • Prosciutto toscano a Tranci
  • Salame di cinghiale - wild boar salami
  • Salame toscano - Tuscan salami
  • Salamella dolce
  • Salamella magra
  • Salamella piccante
  • Salamino
  • Salsiccia di cinghiale - wild boar sausages
  • Soppressata
  • Speck di cinghiale
  • Spianata di cinghiale


They also stock a few non-cured meats such as "prosciutto arrosto" (baked ham), with a wonderful texture and full of flavour. I buy this when I have a hankering for good old fashioned home-cooked ham, egg and chips!

And, "salsiccia di maiale" - a fresh meat sausage which my partner along with his friends and family (I just don't understand the desire!) love to split open and spread the contents on fresh bread for lunch or a "merenda" (snack).


Some of the Best Italian Wines

Best Italian Wines from La Novella, Maremma, Italy
A selection of some of the best Italian wines from the Italian food store La Novella

La Novella's own wines are great quality table wines, and their Rosata when available is particularly wonderful sipped chilled with a visiting girlfriend on a summer evening...

They also have a great selection of some of the best Italian wines from Maremma, other parts of Tuscany and further afield, including Sicilia (Sicily). Plus dessert wines and "digestivi" such as Grappa in a multitude of elegant bottles that are just too pretty to throw away and make great olive oil dispensers.

Coming soon... their Tuscan wines online - such as the Brunello di Montalcino Luciani 2003, or Rosso di Montacino Luciani 2006 - and Italian wine gift baskets.


Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva
- Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Spicy olive oil from La Novella, Maremma, Italy
A selection of the spicy olive oils available from the Italian food store La Novella

Some of the best Italian olive oils that I have tasted come from my local olive oil growers in Maremma. La Novella "Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva" - Extra Virgin Olive Oil - is a high quality cold-pressed olive oil.

They also sell flavoured extra virgin olive oils (see below under Condimenti) for drizzling on your pasta or adding an extra dimension to your cooking, olive oil and balsamic vinegar cruet sets, and an Italian range of quality olive oil skin care products and olive oil hair products.


Pasta Secca - Dried Pasta

Pasta alle verdure e pasta speciale

Italian Pasta shapes: pasta alle verdure e pasta speciale from La Novella, Maremma, Italy
A selection of the special dried pasta available from the Italian food store La Novella

All of these wonderful colourful pastas are hand-made only with natural ingredients: water, durum wheat flour, and dried vegetables, chilli, or cuttlefish ink.

They do not contain any artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives.

  • Farfalline 7 colori
  • Gnocchi grandi 7 colori
  • Farfalle bandiera
  • Penne rigate 7 colori
  • Radiatori 7 colori
  • Spaghetti 7 colori
  • Spaghetti all nero di seppia
  • Spaghetti al peperoncino


Pasta Biologica - Organic Italian Pastas

  • Penne rigate biologiche
  • Fusilli biologici
  • Conchiglie biologiche
  • Pici biologici
  • Pappardelle biologiche
  • Tagliatelle all'uovo biologiche
  • Pappadelle all'uovo biologiche
  • Spaghetti alla Chitarra biologici

Salse Biologiche - Organic Sauces

Pesto Rosso and Pesto al Basilico from la Novella Maremma Italy
Pesto Rosso and other organic sauces from the Italian food store La Novella

The vegetable used in the preparation of these sauces are all grown organically, and selected and prepared in the shortest time possible to retain their full flavours.

  • Passata di pomodoro fresco - fresh tomato passata
  • Pomodoro e basilico - tomato and basil
  • Salsa di pomodoro fresco - fresh tomato sauce
  • Salsa piccante di pomodoro fresco - fresh tomato sauce with chilli
  • Pesto al basilico - basil pesto
  • Pesto rosso - pesto with a base of sun-dried tomatoes
  • Pomarola - another authentic tomato sauce
  • Salsa arrabbiata - tomato pasta sauce lightly spiced with chilli
  • Salsa ai funghi porcini - porcini mushroom sauce
  • Salsa alle olive - olive sauce


Spices - Spezie

These spice selections cover all eventualities for the herbs and spices you will need to prepare traditional Tuscan pasta, pizza, meat and fish dishes.

  • Preparato per pici toscani
  • Preparato per spaghettata di mezzanotte
  • Preparato per penne all'arrabbiata
  • Preparato per spaghettata piccante - for a hot chilli spaghetti
  • Preparato per spaghettata delicata - for a delicate spaghetti sauce
  • Aglio, peperoncino e prezzemolo - garlic, chilli and parsley
  • Preparato per bruschetta calda toscana
  • Preparato per arrosti - spices for roasts (meat and fish)
  • Set per pasta - a set of spices for pasta
  • Set per pizza - a set for pizza
  • Set per arrosti - a set for roasts and barbecues
  • Set per bruschetta - a set for bruschetta
  • Set per griglia - a set for grilled fish and white meats


Condimenti - Flavourings

Balsamic sauce from the Italian food store La Novella Maremma Italy
Blackberry balsamic vinegar & other balsamic sauces from the Italian food store La Novella

"Olio extra vergine di oliva aromatizzato" - flavoured extra virgin olive oils - for drizzling on your cooked pasta, pizza or focacce, or for adding to your meat and vegetable sauces.

In handy small re-sealable tins:

  • Condimento all'aglio - with garlic
  • Condimento al peperoncino - with chilli
  • Condimento all'arancia - with orange
  • Condimento alle erbe italiane - with Italian herbs

And in elegant bottles:

  • Condimento olio extra vergine per carne - for meats
  • Condimento olio extra vergine per verdure - for vegetables

Aceti - Vinegars

  • Aceto di vino Chianti D.O.C.G.
  • Aceto balsamico classico
  • Aceto balsamico classico extra
  • Condimento balsamico bianco

Creme balsamiche alla frutta - Balsamic Vinegar and Fruit sauces

  • Crema balsamica al fico - with fig
  • Crema balsamica alla pera - with pear
  • Crema balsamica alla prugna - with plum
  • Crema balsamica alla fragola - with strawberry
  • Crema balsamica all'aceto balsamico


Gelatine - Marmalades with a difference

The La Novella "marmalades" do not contain fruit! Instead, in the production of these "gelatini", the fruit has been substitued with wine, vinegar and other characteristic ingredients. Mmmm!

  • Gelatina di aceto balsamico
  • Gelatina di vino Monteregio
  • Gelatina piccante di aceto balsamico
  • Gelatina di vino Aleatico dell'Elba


Creme per Tartine and Ragu sauce

Creme di Cacciagione

These are creams made from animal meats for spreading on toasted bread to make great tasting antipasti and canapes.

  • Crostino di cinghiale - wild boar
  • Crostino di lepre - hare
  • Crostino toscano - chicken livers


Creme Vegetali

These are pure vegetable creams for making "crostini" (especially good when the bread for the crostini is toasted), an "aperativo" or a great tasting "antipasto".

  • Crema di funghi porcini tartufata - with porcini mushrooms and black truffle
  • Crema di pomodori secchi - with sundried tomatoes
  • Crema di olive nere - with black olives
  • Crema di carciofi - with artichokes



A tasty ragu sauce with a base of wild animal meats (wild, boar, pheasant or hare) for a quick and savoury first pasta course.

  • Ragu di cinghiale (wild boar)
  • Ragu di fagiano (pheasant)
  • Ragu di lepre (hare)


Zuppe - Soup mixes

Italian soup recipe mixes from the Italian food store La Novella Maremma Italy
Zuppa soup mixes from the Itaiian food store La Novella

These are ready-prepared dried soup mixes for an authentic Maremman and Tuscan "zuppa" without the need to check you have all the necessary ingredients! Great for when I'm in a hurry (and because I'm not particularly brilliant in the kitchen!).

The mixes and recipe all serve four people.

  • Zuppa Maremma
  • Zuppa del nonno
  • Zuppa saracena
  • Minestrone toscano
  • Acquacotta
  • La ribollita
  • Zuppa povera di farro
  • Zuppa di funghi


Dolcezze - Sweet things

Dolcezze from La Novella, Maremma Italy
A slection of the dolcezze available from the Italian food store La Novella
  • Marroni sciroppati - chestnuts in syrup (great to eat on their own, or with some whipped cream and a dusting of cocoa)
  • Miele di acacia - Acacia honey
  • Miele di castagno - Chestnut honey (try drizzled over matured pecorino cheese and you won't want to eat your cheese any other way again!)
  • Miele millefiori - honey from a thousand flowers - a typical Tuscan honey


Lunch at la Novella:
Italian deli meats and cheeses

If you are exploring the heart of Maremma and are on the road between the spectacular medieval Massa Marittima and the Gulf of Follonica, then La Novella also makes a great stop for a light lunch - "pranzo leggero", or a panino (sandwich) at any time of the day (so long as they haven't sold out of bread!).

Browse the cured-meats selection... choose your accompanying Italian wine and cheese... and they will slice and prepare it to order.

In Italian terms it will be a "light lunch", at this Italian food store isn't a Maremma restaurant and as such doesn't serve primi piatti of pasta, secondi piatti of fish and meat etc, but by no means will you leave hungry!

They have table seating indoors and outside in the shade.

At the end of one visit to us, a friend asked that we stop at La Novella so that he could purchase a panino for the flight home (he isn't fond of aeroplane food) and he emerged with an enormous slice of schiaciatta filled to the brim with prosciutto and matured pecorino cheese. He consumed his "paninio" on the flight with quite a few envious onlookers and since then most of our visitors have taken to stopping at La Novella to do the same!

To take a look at la Novella's "Menu Semplicita e tradizione per il tuo palato" Italian deli meats and cheeses lunch menu, click on the link.


La Novella Italian Food Store
Opening Hours

From April to end of October: open all day from 0800 to 1930

From November to the end of March: 0800 - 1230 and 1600 - 1930, closed on Wednesday afternoons.


La Novella
Localita Il Cilindro, Valpiana
Massa Marittima (Grosseto)

Tel: +39 0566 919005
Fax: + 39 0566 919194


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