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Trattoria La Chiave del Paradiso

Pitigliano restaurant Trattoria La Chiave del Paradiso, Maremma Italy

A Pitigliano restaurant recommendation. There are a dozen "ristoranti a Pitigliano" in which to eat out in in the spectacular town of Pitigliano Italy, but this one is a recommendation of a resident artist I met while exploring this extraordinary place in Maremma.


My requirements for lunch were a simple plate of home-cooked pasta - nothing fancy with more decoration than substance! - and he recommended two places near the Chiesa di San. Rocco (the church of San Rocco or Santa Maria).

Trattoria La Chiave del Paradiso was the first of the two I came upon after leaving his workshop in the Piazza A. Becherini in Capisotto, the western-most and oldest part of Pitigliano, and heading back into the town.

NOTE: the piazza has fabulous not to be missed views over the merging green valleys of the Lente and the Meleta and the Santuario della Madonna delle Grazie on the hillside opposite.

The menu looked nice and straightforward, with prices less than others I had seen for the same typical Maremman dishes in other restaurants in the town, but what convined me to give it a try was the huge smile and warm welcome of the owner as he saw me reading the menu. And the fact that all of the meat and olive oil that they use in the restaurant is their own farm produce - "olio extravergine di oliva e carne produzione propria".

By the way, their olive oil is great with a less intense and peppery flavour than our own in Maremma.

Ristoranti a Pitigliano

There are covered tables outside if you like to eat al fresco - which all of the tourists eating there that day decided to do - but I opted to eat in the cooler environment of indoors (with the locals).

The Trattoria La Chiave del Paradiso
Pitigliano Restaurant Menu

For those of you who like reading Italian food menus (I do!), the all important Trattoria La Chiave del Paradiso menu:

Antipasti - Hors d'oeuvres

Antipasto del Pardiso

Crostini misti

Bruschetta al pomodoro

Sott' oli misti

Antipasto di cinghiale

Antipasto misto toscano

Antipasti locale

Prosciutto e melone



Primi piatti- Starters

Acqua cotta

Pici all'agliata

Pici del Paradiso (con carciofi e pancetta affumicata)

Pici alle melanzane

Tortelli burro e salvia

Tortelli al ragu

Pappardelle al cinghiale

Tagliatelle al ragu

Tagliatelle ai funghi porcini

Gnocchi ai tre formaggi

Pasta con verdura e mozzarella


Secondi piatti - Main courses

Tortino di verdure

Cinghiale alla maremmana

Buglione di agnello

Crostone di formaggio e vedure di stagione

Bistecca di manzo alla griglia

Fiorentina di manzo alla griglia

Tagliata di manzo con rucola e parmigiano

Tagliata di manzo con funghi porcini

Grigliata mista di maiale

Bistecca di maiale alla griglia

Salsicce di maiale alla griglia

Arrosta di vitella

Scaloppine al limone

Pollo alla griglia

Formaggio locale

Polenta con funghi porcini

Polenta con cinghiale

Polenta con ragu di cinghiale


Contorni - Vegetables

Insalata verde

Insalata mista

Patate alla contadina

Spinaci al burro

Spinaci saltati 0 all'agro

Fagioli all'olio

Verdure grigliate

Broccoli saltati

Cicoria saltata


Dolci - Desserts

Panna cotta

Cantucci e vin santo

Spumino di ricotta

Torta di ricotta con marmellata di visciole

Torta al limone

Sfratti pitigliano e vin santo


Menu turistico

Primo piatto a scelta:

Acqua cotta
Pasta al ragu o al pomodoro

Secondo piatto a scelta:

Scaloppine al limone

Contorno a scelta:

Insalata verde
Patate alla contadina

1/4 di vino e caffè

Pane e coperto

To give you an idea of prices, the antipasti range from €3,50 to €8,00, the primi piatti from €6,00 to €7,50, the secondi piatti from to €5,50 to €15,00 with the steaks priced as is usual in Italy by weight in kilos, the contorni from €2.50 to €3,50, the dolce from €3,50 to €4,00, and the tourist menu was €17,50. The bread and cover charge is €1,50.

Pici pasta dish Pici del Paradiso with carciofi and pancetta

I opted for a light lunch as I was planning to explore the awe inspiring local Vie Cave afterwards and so chose the house pasta dish of Pici del Paradiso with a tasty combination of artichokes and smoked bacon (at €7,50). Perfect.

The Chiave del Paradiso is closed on Mondays.

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Via Vignoli, 209
Pitigliano (Grosseto)

Tel: 0564 614141


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