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Maremma real estate Tuscany Italy doesn't come much more special than this: an old mill - "mulino" - with two further smaller mills downstream in its gardens. A fairytale property that those with a passion for unique and historic will have a hard time not falling for.

And, if that wasn't enough, it is situated in the undiscovered and breathtakingly beautiful part of Tuscany that is la Maremma: a land of natural treasures, of spectacular sunsets, showers of shooting stars and wild beaches, where the dolce vita is in a simple life that follows the seasons.

The charm of this property for me lies in its wonderful collection of individual indoor and outdoor "rooms": every path within the old stone terraced gardens leads to another grape-vine covered shady terrace, a Hansel and Gretal house with open fireplace or wood burning stove...

And then there is the wonderful long and arched terrace with panoramic views of the "sorgente" pool with its iridescent dragonflies and frogs, the Maremma countryside, the spectacular medieval city of Massa Marittima, and the Mediterranean coast with the Isola d'Elba and Corsica.

Properties for sale in Tuscany: Maremma real estate Italy

It would make for a wonderful home for a large extended family, or development into a relaxation and spa retreat.


The Mulino della Cornacchia

The old mill and its two further residences - all of which originally worked the water to produce flour - are about a hundred years old and are surrounded by a hectare of land comprising the gardens with olive and fruit trees and woodland. In total the accommodation comprises of about 350 square metres.

All three of the properties have been restored and are in good condition and could be moved into tomorrow: the owners will be leaving around two thirds of the contents such as the kitchen furniture etc and all of the original mill artifacts found on the premises over the years.

Gas, water and electricity are all connected.


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The property is located in the "zona dell Cornacchia" - the Cornacchia area of mills about a kilometre from the Tuscan hill town of Monterotondo Marittima in Maremma.

The access road divides near the property into two: the first takes you to the larger mill and the second to the third mill at the base of the garden. Below the property is another old mill.


The main house: Il Mulino

Tuscany real estate Maremma Italy
Special real estate Tuscany Italy: Il Mulino I

The main house is on two levels and comprises of approximately 250 square metres.

On the first floor you will find the arched open terrace with its wonderful panoramic view of the pool and Maremma countryside and coast and hammock. A living room with open fireplace, kitchen/dining area, bathroom and a double bedroom. The kitchen opens onto the rear of the property and a paved terrace and garden and is home to an old and unusual terracotta "stuffa" (wood-burning stove).

Downstairs there is a large lounge, two bedrooms and a bathroom. It is here that the two original mill stones can be found.

There is gas central heating.

Underneath, in the arches where once the stream flowed that fed the mill, are the "cantine", the cellars.


The second house

Properties on sale Tuscany Italy: Maremma real estate
Special real estate Tuscany Italy: Il Mulino II

The accommodation in the second property comprises of a living/dining room with kitchenette, a bedroom and bathroom. In the front of the property is a paved sun-terrace.


The third house

Tuscany property for sale: Maremma real Estate Italy
Special real estate Tuscany Italy: Il Mulino III

The last of the three properties also has a dining area with kitchen and wood burning stove, a double bedroom and bathroom (the latter accessible via the terrace and garden, which should make for interesting trips during the night with a torch!). The children that stay at Mulino della Cornacchia love this house and its natural stone stream pool below it.


The gardens

The property has about a hectare of terraced gardens with fruit - including figs and plums - and olive trees, grapevines, roses, lavender and woodland.

Tuscany villa for sale: a mulino in Maremma Italy

The pool is fed by an upstream spring, with the waters now arriving via pipes around/under the property.

The second house has retained the structure for its pool, but is currently set to grass. It is still possible to return the water flow and so establish a second pool.

As well as the "sorgente" that fed the mill, there is a separate stream running the length of the property that in the winter fills a natural stone pool beside the third house.


More information

For more information about the Mulino della Cornacchia and other special properties in Tuscany contact me.


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