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Fast, simple and with the best rates

Looking to make your Tuscany hotel booking? Check real-time room availability and the cheapest hotel rates instantly online, together with independent traveller reviews, photographs and location maps, fast and easy across 100 plus major travel sites. This is my favourite from the worlds largest hotel price comparison search engine: HotelsCombined.

The major reason that I like using this one as opposed to the many other hotel booking search engines out there is that all of the results appear on the one page quickly and not in different tabs with slow loading times that I then have to flick between. AND I have found that it consistently gives me the best rates.

If you have researched the hotels where you want to stay in Tuscany and are now thinking of making a booking or two, do a quick check now to make sure you don't spend more than you need to. You can even book directly with the hotel you have chosen or your favourite travel site from the same page.

Just enter the Tuscan city, town or village name and the dates you are looking to stay there and it will do the rest, instantly giving you the cheapest hotel rates online for every hotel there.



Want the flexibililty to change your plans with no cancellation fees
AND the best rates

If you want the flexibility when you are here in Tuscany to change you plans on the go and not forego a booking fee, then my second recommendation is always this one as it gives me the flexibility to book a hotel room and be able to cancel it at the very last minute without any cancellation charges. Pperfect for when I am exploring a tiny village or town that I hadn't intended to stay in but cannot pull myself away, or when a one night booking just isn't enough in a jem of a location.

Booking.com is always my first choice of hotel booking agent for when I might want to change my plans on the move.


Enjoy spending your savings on a great meal in one of Maremma's great restaurants.


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