A Tuscany property for sale with a view that will blow you away every morning

the restored Maremma farmhouse

This Tuscany property for sale is a restored, very low maintenance, old Maremma farmhouse that is just what holiday home and retirement in Tuscany dreams are made of. Nestled on a hillside in wonderful wine territory, it has a view, and a view, and a view. Did I say it has a view?! Take a look.


Tuscany propert for sale: Maremma farmhouse with a spectacular view


Tuscany property for sale in Maremma: restored farmhouse near Scansano



The view

Just one splendid snippet.

Scansano real estate: the view from the Maremma farmhouse


The whole view...



This Maremma farmhouse comprises of two, interconnecting via covered porticoes, stone buildings.

The main house has a living/dining room, galley kitchen, bathroom with a bath tub, and two bedrooms. One a small room - two single beds with a squeeze, the other a good sized double bedroom. The annexe has a roomy double bedroom with its own ample sized bathroom (this time with a shower).

It is ideal for a family who want room for friends to stay when they come and visit. A teenager would love the annexe: their "own house" within which they could feel like they have their own space and privacy and do their own thing. It would equally be perfect for grandparents too.

The many outdoor "rooms" - particularly the wonderful portico - give you ample space for everyone to find a quiet area of their own to relax in.

This is a home in which to rest-up and relax, cook and share meals together. With a view that will blow you away every morning. Take your breakfast outdoors and smile :)

The great thing about this property is that, once it is yours, you could, literally, collect the key and start living there straight away. You wouldn't have to bring anything with you if you didn't want to. Or, start renting it out as a vacation home.

Although the owners will be transporting some of their furnishings back to the UK, the majority are staying and that, untypically Italian, includes the kitchen and bathrooms. (Italian's tend to take their kitchens and bathrooms with them. And by that I mean everything. Socket covers and all. New owners are faced with capped drainage pipes and wires sticking out of the walls to refurbish. It seemed so odd to me when I first moved to Tuscany, but there it is.)


The main house

Restored Maremma farmhouse for sale with large pool and garden in Tuscany.


The pergola entrance in summer. Those vibrant green and shady leaves are of the "Uva fragola" - the strawberry grape vine, whose delicious fruits (that taste like strawberries, really they do!) soak up the whole of a summer's sun until they are dark purple and bursting. They make a wonderful strawberry wine :)

Garden of Tuscany farmhouse for sale in Maremma.



The living/dining room

Living/dining room of the Tuscany farmhouse in Maremma for sale.


The stone fireplace that keeps the room extra snug in the autumn evenings and winter months.

Tuscan stone fireplace.



The kitchen

The kitchen is a small galley one that runs the length of the living/dining room. And whilst it isn't the likes of what most international interior decorating magazines would have you believe a Tuscany farmhouse kitchen looks like, it is in fact what most do! And has everything you need to rustle-up some of the very best cuisine in the world.

Most family kitchens here in Maremma and in wider Tuscany are as small as a postage stamp and yet generations of women have cooked plate after plate of food, glorious food - twice a day in them - without a second thought. It is all about what you are used to. And in Tuscany, Italians live in houses and apartments that have the space that they need; nothing more and nothing less.

This farmhouse kitchen isn't a postage stamp; there's room to dance to the radio in it whilst stirring the ragu sauce for your spaghetti because your favourite song has come on, but you won't be able to swing your cat in it! OK, enough said!

The details...

Traditional Tuscan farmhouse kitchen detail


Tuscan kitchen decor finishings.


The connecting corridor and its view

The two bedrooms and bathroom are reached via the corridor from the sitting/dining room, which has its own arched double doors that lead out onto a terracotta paved terrace that runs the length of the house and faces onto that view.

Corridor of Tuscany farmhouse for sale in Maremma


The terrace. The two windows with their green shutters that you can see are those of the main double bedroom that is flooded with light. The door behind the sun parasol opens directly into the living room.

Tuscany holiday home property for sale in Maremma.


And its view in winter.

Property for sale in Scansano: view from the Maremma farmhouse backdoor.


The bedrooms

The main double bedroom at the end of the house with those double windows. It is s good sized room. And no, the floor doesn't run downhill! It's just the effect of the camera lens!

Maremma Tuscany farmhouse for sale: double bedroom.


The smaller second bedroom.

Maremma Tuscany real estate: farmhouse second bedroom



The main portico

This is the portico of the main house that leads on from the living/dining room. It is here, without a doubt, that I would take my morning pastry and coffee to greet the day.

It has an area of about 50 m2; plenty of room for a lot of guests.

Property in Tuscany: farmhouse portico with a view.


And its view...

Maremma property for sale with a view


Tuscany decor.


The annexe also has its own front portico.


Tuscany property for sale: the Maremma farmhouse floor plan

Tuscany farmhouse floor plan.


The property also comes with a fresh water well - shared with the neighbouring property - that provides sufficient water for the swimming pool and garden.


The annexe

The view of the annexe in winter with its portico that joins - via steps - that of the main farmhouse.

Tuscany property: Maremma farmhouse with annexe


Portico detail.

Tuscan farmhouse decor.



The double bedroom

Property in Tuscany: farmhouse bedroom

Here, as in the double bedroom in the main house, the bedroom windows fill the room with light and open onto that view. When I stood there as the windows were opened for me and the sunlight came flooding in, I could so easily imagine myself sitting-up in bed with a cup of tea and a novel, just staring at the view.

On the other side of the end bedroom wall - the one with the two decorated panels - is another terrace. A stone and grass pergola covered "room", completely out of sight of the main house. Or anybody. Another perfect "nook" for reading, writing, or sleeping in a hammock under the stars.


The bathroom

Tuscany farmhouse bathroom.

The owners installed a new modern bathroom suite when they restored the annexe, but not an Italian trend setting one. The feel when you walk inside, with the stone floor, wooden ceiling beams and terracotta roof tiles, is still very much that of a warm, rustic Tuscan farmhouse.



The restoration

The current owners are English and when they found the ancient farmhouse and the huge Tuscany estate behind it, they brought both and took to restoring them with traditional materials and keeping as close to the original features as possible.

The farmhouse floor is gorgeous traditional Tuscan stone throughout the property.

What was once a working farm with lots of animals took five years to restore and became Villa Giuncaia. The installation of new bathrooms and under-floor heating added touches of home comfort. Whilst the addition of the large pool with a view lifted the property into a class of its own.


The details

Detail of the end wall of the annexe to show the farmhouse's traditional Tuscan stone construction.

Tuscany farmhouse restoration: traditional stone walls


The traditional terracotta tiled roof that covers the entire house and annexe.

Tuscany farmhouse restoration: terracotta roof tiles.



Room for expansion

The farmhouse is well proportioned, but it has to be said that the rooms aren't huge.

If it has caught your eye but is too small for your needs, then it is good to know that there is room for expansion of the accommodation. (About 20% is permissible.)

One idea would be to make the annexe into a completely independent unit by closing in its portico to make way for a kitchen/dining room.



The pool with a view

The farmhouse swimming pool, surrounded by lawn and rosemary bushes and complete with outdoor shower.

Maremma farmhouse for sale with swimming pool.


Maremma Tuscany farmhouse for sale with a swimming pool with a view.


The garden

The garden, on three levels also boasts twelve olive trees. Just enough to keep you in your own olive oil for the year: now how wonderful is that? :)

The view from the drive, with easy room for two or three cars.

Maremma farmhouse for sale in Tuscany Italy.


The view down the pergola and path to the portico.

Tuscany farmhouse for sale with olive trees, pool and garden.


Now a word to the wise. If you hear loud snuffling during the night, chances are it isn't your partner! But probably a couple of wild boar sow and their offspring rooting around in the border alongside the pergola wall. Or under the trees in the back garden!

So if you are planning on planting prize roses there - and I have to say some of the Old English ramblers, like the Rambling Rector would love it here - you might want to erect a gateway along the lane.


The pergola in winter.

Tuscan farmhouse pergola with strawberry grape vine in winter.


The view of your back garden from the portico.

House for sale in Tuscany with garden and swimming pool.


It's a back garden that is as informal as they come, without becoming wild. With touches of formality in the form of paths flanked by trimmed rosemary bushes - like the Box hedging of old English gardens - that release their wonderful perfume when you brush past.

Scansano farmhouse for sale: garden in winter.


Both the back and front gardens have round stone tables with seating for those times when you want to sit with your toes in the lawn. And by stone table, I mean the Stonehenge really thick, roughly hewn type, that not even a wild boar is going to be able to nudge over!


The extra land and vineyard available for sale

Vineyard for sale in Tuscany: Scansano

The owners of this villa also own the large Tuscany estate that includes the woodland and vineyard that backs onto the villa garden. Both the woodland and vineyard are also available for sale with the farmhouse should you wish to purchase them.



The location - in Scansano wine territory

To get to the farmhouse you will need to drive along the soft hills of Scansano wine territory, down a track that ends with the property and one neighbour.

The closest town is Scansano, just a 9 kilometre drive way. Whilst Maremma's city, Grosseto, where you'll find clothes and shoe shops, cafes and bars, as well as enough history to touch and discover to keep you busy for a day, all within a medieval walled centre, is just 20 minutes away.

The beautiful city of Siena a one and a half hour drive, and the airports of both Pisa and Roma Fiumicino each two hours.

You can reach the coast and Maremma's stunning beaches or the hot thermal waters of Saturnia in 40 minutes.

All-in-all, a perfect location to get away from it all, be immersed in the countryside, with complete privacy, but without being isolated.

The closest neighbouring property borders your garden on one side; on the left hand side as you face the entrance to the villa. But the farmhouse isn't overlooked. The non unsubstantial distance between the two and the tree cover make sure of that. But if you run out of eggs or need someone to keep an eye on things whilst you are gone, they are close enough to help out. In fact, they are the people currently responsible for maintaining the farmhouse and the owner's larger estate.

Other than that property, there is no other property in direct view - except the twinkling of lights from homes on the hills in the far distance at night.



Ask for more information

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And/or, ask for information about other properties for sale in Maremma full of character like this one.

Happy house hunting!

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