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How many calories in red wine? Well, there are 79 calories - lets call it 80 for ease of calculation - in one 125 ml or 4 fl oz glass of red wine, give or take a few calories depending on each particular type of wine, but more so on the alcohol content.

These eighty calories are in a glass of table wine with about 11% to 12% alcohol content.

There are six 125 ml or 4.2 fl oz (US) or 4.4 fl oz (UK) glasses in one 75 cl bottle of wine - although I have to admit that I rarely get six glasses out of a bottle when I am pouring!

So, if you share a bottle of lovely red Maremma wine with your partner over dinner at home in the evening, you will both consume around 240 calories each.

Pour a large 175 ml glass - as I tend to do and most bars and restaurants these days tend to pour these in the first instance unless you ask for a small glass, and you will be consuming about 112 calories.

Glass of red wine at sunset


In summary:

Calories in Red Wine

Quantity of wine Calories
one glass of red wine - small (125 ml or about 4 fl oz) 80
one glass of red wine - large (175 ml or about 6 fl oz both US and UK) 112
a bottle of red wine - 75 cl (25.36 fl oz US, or 26.4 fl oz UK) 480
a litre of red wine 640

As I mentioned, each particular variety of wine will have a few calories more or less per glass. The biggest impact on the calorie count is, unsurprisingly, the alcohol content. So if you are drinking a rather lovely heady 14% alcohol red wine rather than a lighter table wine, you can count on there being a handful more calories per glass. But life is too short to worry about being that precise!


What you will need to do to burn those calories off

OK, this is the harder part! I have written this page and the second - calories in white wine - as what with the winter comfort foods I have consumed along with my glasses of wine, I have gained quite a few kilos/pounds over the last few months and I am now determined to shed them before the summer and beach season starts here in la Maremma. Sitting for long periods at my computer researching and writing this website has not helped either!

These activities are those that will burn off one of the smaller (125 ml/ 4 fl oz) glasses of red wine. Please note that they are only estimates as the actual amount of calories that each of use consumes during these activities depends entirey on our personal body weight and metabolism etc.

That said, for someone of about 70 kilos or 155 pounds (US) or 11 stone (UK) in weight (if you weigh less you will burn less calories and need to do more, and conversely if you weigh more you will burn more calories doing the same exercise and need to do less!)

7 minutes - moderate skipping

8. 5 minutes - running (general)

10.5 minutes - general aerobics

15 minutes - golf

19.5 minutes - moderate intensity housework

21 minutes - moderate pace walking (about 3 miles per hour)

23 minutes - walking the dog

23 minutes - playing frisbee with your kids

27 minutes - dusting

Well, I have decided I am going to walk those glasses of wine off! Walking for me is the most likely exercise that I will stick to regularly as it doesn't require much more than me putting my trainers on and just getting outside. And as a motivation to do more each day I have brought myself a pedometer that counts calories too. So I'll be able to see whether I have walked enough to warrant a glass of wine with dinner each night. Otherwise, no wine!


The lovely photograph above is by kind permission of alisonhulot whose photographs of food I just love.


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