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How many calories in white wine? Well that depends on how much wine you have in your glass! And the type of wine and its alcohol content. But a good average to use is the 79 calories - 80 rounded up - for a glass of white table wine with an alcohol content of 11% to 12%.

When those rare mummy time moments come along and I have the opportunity (and some peace!), I like nothing more than slowly enjoying an aperitivo of a large cool crisp glass of Pinot Grigio.

Fonte 40 white wine from Poggio Argentieria, MaremmaAt about 175 mls or 6 fl oz that will set me back about 112 calories and that's without the accompanying bowl of potato crisps or olives that that I always seem to consume without even realising!

Pinot Grigio is a dry wine and so has slightly fewer calories per glass than a sweeter wine such as Riesling.

The Maremma Italian dessert or sweet wines and the rosé wines all have a few more still, with champagne topping the calorie count list at around 130 for a 175 ml glass.

If I share a bottle of white wine with my partner during a fresh seafood lunch at one of Maremma's wonderful restaurants, then I will be consuming around 240 calories.

An aperitivo and half a bottle (he will be driving!) and I'll have added more than 350 calories to my day!

And for those rare but wonderful nights in with girlfriends when talking and laughing the night away about life, love and everything ends up in us consuming a bottle of wine each, well that is 480 calories in white wine alone! (I'm going to forget the Indian take-away or pizza!)



In summary:

Calories in White Wine

80 calories in a small glass of white wine - 125 ml or 4 fl oz (US and UK)

112 calories in a large glass of white wine - 175 ml or 6 fl oz (US and UK)

240 calories in half a bottle of white wine

480 calories in a bottle of white wine

640 calories in a litre of white wine


How much exercise will burn those calories off?

Well, I'm not going to give up wine altogether - life is too short for that! But I am determined to get back into shape after the extra helpings of pasta during the winter and the Christmas indulgence in panforte, figs and chocolate. And so I have decided to work off each day at least the glass of wine at dinner time.

These exercises are those that will burn off one of those 125 ml (4 fl oz) glasses.

Note: how many calories each of us burns depends on our body weight, metabolism and the intensity with which we do the exercises etc. These estimates are based upon a person who weighs about 155 pounds (US), 11 stone (UK), or 70 kilos. If you weigh less than that then you will need to do the exercises for a longer time in order to burn the same number of calories, and, conversely, if you weigh more, for less time than I have listed.

8 minutes - exercise bike moderate work out

8.5 mins - cycling moderately fast

11.5 - swimming leisurely

17 minutes - cycling at a leisurely pace

17 minutes - yoga

17 minutes - general gardening

21 minutes - moderate pace walking

23 minutes - washing the dog

23 minutes - emptying the bins - just who has half an hour of bins to empty at any one time?!

27 minutes - pushing baby pushchair or stroller, walking with children

I'm opting for the simplest option that costs nothing: I'm going to walk mine off - I don't need to buy any special kit, just walk up and down the stairs a few times more each day, walk to the local shop for our bread, add on an extra evening stroll with the family... And to keep my motivation going - I'm a numbers girl and like to set myself targets! - I've brought a pedometer. That way I can challenge myself to walk a set number of extra steps each day and watch the calories count up on the display as I do it!


The photograph above is of a bottle of Fonte_40 white wine produced in Maremma by Poggio Argentiera: find out about the winery - Italian vineyards in Maremma


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