The Italian Tourist Board

and every Italy Tourist Office

The Italian Tourist Board is called "Ente Nazionale Italiano per il Turismo" - the Italian State Tourism Board - or ENIT for short.

Its website address, headquarters and the addresses and telephone numbers etc of every Italian tourist office in Italy and abroad may be found here.

ENIT is based in Rome with a foreign office network of 25 offices.

Fifteen in the twelve European countries of Amsterdam, Brussels, Budapest, Frankfurt, Lisbon, London, Madrid, Munich, Moscow, Paris, Prague Stockholm, Vienna, Zurich and Warsaw, and ten in Chicago, Los Angeles, Toronto, New York, Beijing, Sidney, Tokyo, Mumbai, San Paolo and Seul.

The headquarters address is:

Via Marghera 2/6
00185 Roma
Tel: (+39) 06 49711
Fax (+39) 06 - 4463379/4469907


The Italian Tourist Board Website

Italian Tourist Board website

This link will take you to the home page of the English version of the Italia ENIT website.


Looking for Tourist Information?

If you are looking for Tourist Information whilst in Italy, one of the public tourist offices in your area will be able to help you. This link will take you to the ENIT website page (in English) where you may narrow your search for a tourist office by region and town (sorry, the page no longer exists on the new ENIT website).

If you are seeking information before your trip to Italy, then ENIT suggests that you contact one of their Italian State Tourist offices in the country in which you are based. They will reply to your enquiry in the language of that country.

This link is for the Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Hungary, Korea, France, Japan, Great Britain, India, Holland, Portugal, Poland, the Czech Republic, Russia, Spain, the United States, Sweden and Switzerland offices.




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