Seafood Menus from Italy

Italian Restaurant Menus from Maremma

The best seafood menus from an undiscovered part of Tuscany and Lazio with over 250 kilometres of spectacular coastline with the Ligurian and Tyrrhenian Seas, tiny fishing ports, and chefs who instinctively know the importance of simply prepared quality fresh ingredients. Browse the menus they have created for the daily catches that arrive every morning along Maremma's shores.


The Seafood Restaurant Menu Collection

Seafood menus: Italian restaurant menus

A Complete Italian "Menu di Mare"

"Antipasti, primi piatti" and "secondi piatti di mare" - apetizers, first courses and second courses from the sea - from the Osteria Il Fanti in Gavorrano: the Menu di Mare

And from the beachside restaurant of Le Bocche in the Marina di Grosseto: clams, scallops, tuna and more...


More "Antipasti di Pesce"

Italian hors d'hoeure - starters - from "insalata mista" (mixed seafood salad) to boiled octopus, a Venetian-style squid, cuttlefish with lemon and rocket salad, smoked tuna, "carpaccio di Totani" and fish canapes: Italian seafood antipasti

Italian seafood starter: antipasto misto di mare

A restaurant recommendation: a great place to try some of Maremma's seafood dishes is in the city port of Piombino at the unimposing looking La Sirena Bar and Ristorante.

A starter such as their plate of "antipasto misto" in this photograph with a first course dish of "Penne di Astice" (penne pasta with lobster) or "Carbonara di Mare" for lunch, would make a great introduction to the speciality dishes of this part of Italy.



More "Primi Piatti di Pesce"

The full range of spaghetti, tortelli, tagliatelle, penne and cannelloni seafood pasta dishes, plus "pescatore" (fishermans) risotto, potato gnocchi and bavette dishes: the Italian seafood primi piatti.


More "Secondi Piatti di Pesce"

The fish main courses from Frittura di Paranza, to baked and grilled Gilthead Sea Bream, to salmon in a green pepper sauce, and the local Maremma speciality dish from the sea port of Livorno: "Guazzetto di Calamari alla Livornese": the Italian fish menu.


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