Talamone Beaches

Talamone beaches offer something for everyone. From a long sandy beach with views across to Monte Argentario and Talamone on its hill top with a resident kite and windsurfing university no less. To rocky coves with crystal clear waters ideal for snorkelling and stunning views of a sparkling blue sea, swooping sea gulls, the occasional passing boat, below the incredibly atmospheric setting of the medieval fortress of Rocca Aldobrandesca.

Talamone beaches Italy

Sun worshippers, windsurfers, kitesurfers, history lovers, rock pool explorers, not to mention photographers, will all have something to keep them happy on a beach day out in Talamone.


The Kitesurfing and Windsurfing Beach:
Spiaggia della Fertilia

Talamone beach Spiaggia della Fertilia: a windsurfing kitesurfing beach in Tuscany Maremma

Spiaggia della Fertilia is Talamone's main beach: a long sandy stretch along the central part of the Bay of Talamone and the first beach that you will see as you approach the town. The onshore maestrale winds from 11 am until about 8pm each day provide ideal conditions lunch for kite and windsurfing here, and the signs at the car park entrance call it just that: Kitesurfing and Windsurfing beach.

More photos, the video and information.


The Rocky Coves

Around the promontory on which top the town of Talamone sits are numerous gorgeous tiny rocky coves: two are in private hands and two are public ones.

This one is privately owned by the villa at the top of the path with stunning panoramic views: lucky people!

Talamone villa beach, Maremma Tuscany

The access for the second private cove is from within the garden of a house along the path to the Bagno delle Donne, but the latter part of its cliff path is in ruin and inaccessible.

Access to the public "cala" (cove) under the lighthouse and below the Rocca Aldobrandesca, can be found on the route down to town: it has concrete steps down the cliff side.

Public beach Talamone Italy


This is the view of the second public cove from the path to the fortress where its cliff path starts.

Spiaggia Talamone: Tuscany beaches in Maremma


When I visited in April, the paths down to each of the two public coves were closed. I have checked and it is because they are considered dangerous, but I'm assuming that the Comune di Talamone will re-open them in time for the summer and I will update this page when I know for sure.

The restoration works have been completed and the paths down the cliff have been rebuilt and are now open again.



Bagno delle Donne

Bagno delle Donne Talamone beach Maremma Tuscany


Bagno delle Donne is a mixed public and private "stabilimento balneare" beach: the beach concession belonging to the hotel on the cliff above. Although the lido sun loungers and bar cover most of the beach area during the summer months, there are a couple of nooks in which you can find a spot of your own.



Bengodi Beach

Spiaggia di Bengodi beach Talamone Tuscany


At the southern end of the Gulf of Talamone, below the wooded hill of Poggio Talamonaccio and the medieval military tower that takes its name, Torre di Talamonaccio, is the rocky shore of "spiaggia di Bengodi", Bengodi beach. It is a spot favoured by those who like a little peace and quite away from the summer visitors to the sandy beach.



Talamone Beach Accommodation

If you want to stay in Talamone just feet away from the shore, then there two options. Closest to Talamone's sandy beach - in fact it is located on what would have been the dunes between the sea and the road - is the residential self-catering apartment hotel of Residence Talamone Il Poderino.

And the hotel on the cliff above the Bagno delle Donne is Hotel Capo D'Uomo.


But. Better still.

But. Better still. Just 6 minutes away along the road that runs directly behind that sandy beach, is a lovely old Maremma farmhouse with 5 independent apartments.

Agriturismo Alberese: the driveway to Tenuta La Valentina Nuova lined with old pine trees.


Talamone farmhouse Tenuta La Valentina Nuova


Paola's Tenuta La Valentina Nuova in the Parco della Maremma, will treat you to an unpretentious but unique farm holiday. Looked after with Italian courtesy and care. In one of the most beautiful locations in Italy.

Where during the day you can spot herons, coypu, splashing fish, turtles, long-horned cattle, Maremmano horses, foxes and more.

And from bedroom window at night watch birds of prey alight on fence posts below. And hares, foxes, deer, wild boar and, perhaps, a porcupine, nonchalantly stroll into the farm for a nose around.

Maremma Natural Park fox and Maremmano cattle


Take a look around yourself.



More Maremma Beaches

To find out about the next beaches along the coastline north: the stunning sandy cove of Cala Forno and then the long wild sandy stretch of the Marina di Alberese, both within the protected nature park of the Parco Naturale della Maremma. Or, the long sandy Fonteblanda beach, south around the headland on which the Torre di Talamonaccio sits. Take a look at the beach lovers page: all of Maremma's Tuscany beaches.



The perfect beach break: climb to the top of Talamone's fortress

Rocca di Talamone castle Tuscany

The Rocca Aldobrandesca di Talamone.


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