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Whether you are looking for a wine label book as a guide to demystifying the language of wine labels, or a book about their design, you will find a great selection here as part of the collection of great books about wine for wine lovers.


The Wine Label Books


Understanding Wine Labels: A Complete Guide to the Wine Labels of the World  

A straightforward and simple guide to understanding wine labels for those just beginning to explore wines.

With colour images of labels from all of the major wine-producing nations.

An inexpensive purchase - for as little as $0.01 for a used copy!

Author: Simon Woods


Wine Label Language  

For beginners and wine buffs alike, a comprehensive reference guide to wine labels that goes as far down as individual districts and areas within each worldwide wine region.

It will help you determine the quality and value of wine of a bottle of wine.

Author: Peter Saunders


Icon: Art of the Wine Label  

Written by a wine label designer, this book describes the evolution and concept of one hundred wine labels and bottle designs - all in life size.

This book would make a great gift for designers, artists and wine connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike. A special coffee table book. Excellent reviews from those who have already purchased it and love it.

Author: Jeffrey Caldewey


Yet to be released The Art and Design of Contemporary Wine Labels is a wonderful collection of outstanding wine labels that are considered to be art. It showcases over 250 outstanding designs and the curious stories behind their creation.

Beautifully illustrated, this book also traces the "history of wine-label design from its early use as a simple utilitarian way of cellaring wine to its contemporary role as the visual voice of the winemaker".

This one is definately on my Christmas wish list!

Author: Tanya Scholes

NOTE: Pre-order now now with Amazon's price guarantee.


Wine Labels  

A collection of two decades of wine labels and bottle designs all printed in nearly full size format.

This book was awarded the Red Hot Design Award in 2010.

A luxury reference book for package designers and artists.

Author: Spanish graphic designer Eduardo Delfraile


Described as "the ultimate art and wine book", Imagery: Art for Wine documents the contemporary art commissioned over the last twenty years for wine labels for limited edition wines, with full-page colour photographs and artist information.

A unique book for lovers of art and wine and art historians.

Author: Bob L. Nugent


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