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Want to know which wines are the best Italian wines? Italian winemakers know a lot about good wine and there are many winemakers in Maremma, where some of the finest wines in the world are produced with passion and hard work. So when I asked Maremma's wine producers what they considered to be the top three best Maremma wines you can be sure that their recommendations are worth exploring.

Here they are...

The Top Three Maremma Wines

The top three wines from Maremma as selected by the Maremma's winemakers, in alphabetical order by winemaker. NB. For each of the winemakers you will find a link to their interview with The Maremma Guide, which make for fascinating reading.

Frenchman Dominique Genot, enologist and director of the Italian vineyards and winery of Caiarossa established in 1988 in the heart of the Val di Cecina, Località Serra all'Olio, Riparbella (Pisa).

  • Ornellaia
  • Paleo rosso (Le Macchiole),
  • and I would say Tenuta di Valgiano but I don’t know if Lucca is still part of the Maremma… but it’s very close anyway!

In my interview with Dominique, he also suggests a route and the wineries and wines to taste and purchase if you are new to Maremma wines and trying them for the first time: the interview


Elisabetta Geppetti from the Fattoria Le Pupille in Morellino di Scansano territory at Piagge del Maiano, Localita Istia d'Ombrone, Grosseto.

If you are thinking of wines to drink now, then three reds as Maremma is the best expression for red varieties:

  • Saffredi 2001
  • Avvoltore 2004, and
  • Carlo Baccheschi Berti Terre di Vico 2004

Read the interview with Elisabetta.


Gianpaolo Paglia from the vineyard and winery of Poggio Argentiera, Localita Banditella, Alberese, Grosseto.

  • Avvoltore (Moris Farms)
  • Capatosta (Poggio Argentiera), and
  • Grotte Rosse (Salustri)

Read the Maremma Guide interview with Gianpaola.


English woman Justine Keeling, also at Poggio Argentiera, Alberese. The interview.

  • Capatosta, Poggio Argentiera
  • Avvoltore, Moris Farms
  • Alture, Antonio Camillo


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